We Ate Our Flesh-By Edward Maroncha

First, a bite

A nibble at a nail

A set of teeth biting

Just because we could

After all, who cares for a nail?


I just wanted to lick

The teeth were biting a nail

And I licked  a finger

What harm is there

If a tongue licks a finger?


I wanted just a piece

Perhaps I was hungry

With the teeth biting

And the tongue licking

The stomach needs a little flesh too


They said I was selfish

That I should have shut tight

To stop the eating spree

But I am just a mouth

And I needed to be cool


Our alliance was solid

Mouth, teeth, tongue

A stomach and an oesophagus

Grabbing the every flesh available

Just because we could


Others cheered us on

As we gobbled up their inferior brethren

Till we started nibbling at them too

And turning against each other

When there was nothing to gobble

Then it was too late!


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/mist-sun-rays-tree-s-spooky-bench-3431932/

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