The Spiritual Father II-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Spiritual Father I)

Aaron loses interest in his coffee. He opens the leather-bound bill wallet and finds two pieces of paper in there. One is his bill; the other is an old bill that has started to fade. He flips it over and finds a short message: ‘Please call me at 9.30pm-Dorcas’. There is a phone number there. He folds that piece of paper and puts it in his shirt pocket. He settles the bill via the till number and quickly exits the restaurant. Contrary to what Dorcas feared, he has no desire to follow Julia and the Apostle. He saw Julia voluntarily going upstairs with the Apostle; she was not forced. Aaron walks down to the stairs and gets into his car. He sits behind the steering wheel for a while before starting the engine. Ever since he got born again, Julia has been the centre of his world. Okay, not quite the centre, because Christ is the centre, but close. He no longer has any fellowship with his drinking buddies; those are the men he used to go chasing women with, and then they would meet at the club to discuss the conquests. When he got born again, he wanted nothing to do with them; any of them. In the one year he was in the Christian Union he made a few friends, notably the Christian Union Chairman Mark, but they never got a chance to be close, and after leaving school they drifted apart.

He has a few friends from St. Andrews, but they are not close friends either. They are people he chats in the church premises, but not people he would confide in during a personal crisis. The other friends he has are Julia’s friends from CITAM Valley Road. She sometimes used to take him to weekly fellowships at her church, such as Saturday PM, an apologetics fellowship that takes place on Saturday evenings. Again, these are not people he is close to. So for three years now Julia has been his best friend. She has been his anchor. And now she has been taken away from him by the leader of a cult.

As if bearing testimony of his gloom, the rain increases as Aaron starts the engine of his car; the engine throbs softly as the car comes to life. Under different circumstances, he would have reminded himself that he is fortunate to have a car barely two years since he started working. He bought this car on the cheap from a friend who was leaving the country to go and do further studies abroad. But his mind is not on such things right now. There are flashes of lighting and cracks of thunder. Even God is angry about the behavior of Julia and Apostle Mutuku, he muses. He eases the car out of the parking lot and drives to Moi Avenue. From Moi Avenue he goes all the way to University way without a hitch, and then joins the Waiyaki Way traffic snarl up. It will be a long time before he gets to his house in Regen, but Aaron doesn’t care. He has lost the concept of time. His whole world seems to have turned upside down.


Julia trembles slightly as the Apostle unclasps her bra. He is completely naked and she tries not to look at his exposed manhood. She is naked too. The Apostle has undressed her, and the bra is the last item of clothing on her body. Julia wonders whether Aaron would understand if she discovered what she is doing. Probably not. But the Apostle has assured her that there is no need for him to know. It is for the greater good, and Aaron will be grateful when he is finally free from spiritual bondage, even if he doesn’t know how that freedom came about.

At first she was reluctant. Up until she met the Apostle, she had been a virgin. She had always been determined to preserve her chastity for her husband. The only man she came close to breaking that vow for was Aaron before he became a Christian. That man has such a sweet tongue, and she was deeply in love with him long before he gave his life to Christ, although she would die first before admitting it. Whenever he asked her out for dinner she always gave him the standard line: I cannot be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.

When Aaron gave his life to Christ, she had been cautiously delighted. Cautiously because she wasn’t sure whether he was really born again, or whether it was the latest of his tricks to try and get her to his bed. She had been fervently praying for his salvation for two reasons. First, she desperately wanted to marry him, and she did want to marry an unbeliever. Second, she knew she was growing weaker and weaker in the flesh as far as he was concerned, and she feared that she would end up sleeping with him anyway.

To her pleasant surprise, she soon realised that Aaron had really met the Lord. When they finally started dating, he is the one who insisted that they should meet in public places so as to avoid temptations. He has never been in her apartment; he has never kissed her, and he doesn’t even hug her for more than a microsecond. He told her bluntly: I am born again, but I am still in the flesh. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I will become overcome by lust and lead us to sin. I want us to enjoy the gift of sex on our wedding night, as the Lord intended.

She had loved him even more for it. It showed that he was committed to his newfound faith. Things were okay until she met Apostle Mutuku, and he introduced her to the concept of soul ties. According to his teaching that first time she went his fellowship with Aaron, every time a person has sex, the soul of the person they slept with is spiritually transferred to him. That is why people need cleansing through exorcism. When he made an altar call, she nudged Aaron indicating that he should go, but to her surprise, he refused.

They had a fight about it on their way home; their first bitter fight.

“Seriously sweetheart, don’t you want to be free?” she had asked him bitterly.

“I am free baby. When I gave my life to Christ, I became a new creation. That is what the Bible says. The old me is gone and with it, all my old sins. Christ washed me clean, so I don’t need any Apostle to cleanse me.”

“Do you realize that you are going to transfer the spirits of all those women you slept with to me on our wedding night?”

“That is all nonsense that has no basis in Scripture.”

“The Apostle was preaching from the Bible!”

When neither of them failed to convince the other, they drove in silence until Aaron dropped her outside her apartment.


After attending several of the Apostle’s meetings, she decided to take matters in her own hands. She booked an appointment with him and explained to her the problem in the relationship.

“I get your concern, my daughter,” The Apostle told her. He used the term ‘my daughter’ so casually that you wouldn’t believe that he is a man in his forties. “But I can help you. There are two ways your fiancé can be cleansed. One is by direct exorcism. But you are telling me he has refused.”

“Yes Apostle, he doesn’t want to come.”

“The second way is by you getting the spiritual power to cleanse him on your wedding night.”

“How can I get that power?”

“By sleeping with a Man of God,” the Apostle said without flinching. “If you have sex with a Man of God, the soul of the Man of God will be transferred to you. So when you sleep with your husband on your wedding night, he will not have the power to transfer the souls of the women he slept with earlier to you because you will already have a greater power within you. In fact, when the soul of the Man of God that will be within you realizes that there are unclean souls within that realm of sex, it will invoke the spiritual authority of the Man of God and exorcise those souls, and so your husband will leave that bed spiritually clean.”

“But isn’t sex outside marriage a sin?”

“The Lord, in His wisdom, gave Men of God certain exceptions. That is why Abraham married his own sister. And when King Abimelech tried to take her, he was punished. That is why Judah impregnated his daughter-in-law Tamar without invoking the wrath of God. That is why God Himself instructed prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute. We Men of God are His instruments to be used as He pleases. And one of the ways He does that is by using us to cleanse His children. How many women did your fiancé sleep with?”

“I don’t think even He knows. They are too many.”

“Then we have a huge spiritual fight before us. You will need many sessions with the Man of God.”


Today is the sixth time she is sleeping with the Apostle. She doesn’t know how many sessions are left; she will wait until the Apostle tells her that she is now ready to cleanse Aaron. As the naked Apostle pushes her on the bed and comes upon her, she closes her eyes and tries to imagine that it is her wedding night and that the man she is with is her Aaron.

That is the only way she can remind herself that she is doing this for him; for their marriage.

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