The Sorcerer’s Daughter II-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Sorcerer’s Daughter I)

Boniface knows that he is in a kind of trouble that he has never been in before. He remained sexually pure till he got married to Gertrude, and ever since he married her he has remained faithful to her. It is not as if he has never been seduced by women, because he has. But he has never met a woman as brazen as this one. The women he has met before are the type who throw hints here and there, touch body parts suggestively or wear revealing clothes. But he has always been well equipped to deal with those.

But nobody taught him how to deal with a woman who is not just flirting, but aggressively pursuing him. Boniface has been a church boy through and through. He was brought up by active Pentecostal parents. His father was the secretary of the Deacon’s Board in their church and his mother was an active member of both the hospitality team and the Ladies Fellowship.

Boniface, just like his siblings, started out in Sunday School where he remained active until he joined the teen’s church. As a teen he was also an active member of the high school Christian Union. After High School he joined Kenyatta University and became an active member of the Christian Union rising to be the Missions’ Coordinator. During the holidays he remained an active member of his church, participating in various youth programs.

He met Gertrude at the university. She was his classmate, but the first time they talked was when they found themselves in the same Bible Study group. Theirs was not what someone would call love at first sight and even when they started dating, theirs was not a whirlwind romance that consumes the body and the soul. To the contrary, his romance with Gertrude started as a friendship. After that first Bible Study, where they got to know each other, they became familiar with each other and started greeting each other around the campus corridors. Bible Study groups in their Christian Union lasted a whole semester, and by the time that semester ended, they were very close friends. They consulted each other on spiritual and academic matters, and they came to trust each other.

They started dating the following semester, which was the second semester of their first year in campus. Boniface can still remember the anxiety that he felt before he asked her to be his girlfriend. He wasn’t sure what he would do if she said no. Would it ruin their friendship? By then they were so close that everyone assumed that they were dating. He decided to take the risk, and one evening, as they were taking a walk, which had become a routine almost every evening, he popped the question. To his surprise, she said yes without hesitation. He was surprised because most of the Christian girls would have asked for time to “pray about it”. When he asked her why she had not asked for time, she laughed.

“I have been praying about this, sweetheart,” she said. “I have known for a long time that you are the man I want for a husband. I have been telling God that though you are the one I want, if you are not the one He has in store for me, then He shouldn’t allow you to ask me out because I wouldn’t be able to say no. For months now I have been wondering if that is the case. But now you have asked, why else would I pretend that I need more time?”

The one thing that Boniface has always admired about Gertrude, other than her faith in God, is that she is always forthright. She has never minced her words in any situation. She always speaks her mind. They dated throughout campus. As they had been taught in church, they set boundaries to ensure that they would remain sexually pure. They never visited each other’s rooms alone, which other students thought was weird. But they did almost everything else together. They sat together in class, in church and in the library. They ate together at the cafeteria. They took walks every evening for about an hour and they served together in the Christian Union. In their final year, Boniface was the Missions Coordinator of the Christian Union while Gertrude was the Bible Study Coordinator.

After completing their studies, before they even graduated, they both secured employment positions. They had both pursued Bachelor of Commerce degrees in accounting. They had also inspired each other to do their CPAs. Gertrude was hired as an accountant in a real estate company, while Boniface joined PWC first as an intern but he was later confirmed as an auditor. Having secured employment, they did not see the need to wait before tying the knot. They wedded that same December, two weeks after their graduation.

Boniface is convinced that he made the right decision in marrying Gertrude. She has remained his friend over the years. The only serious dispute they had was about their inability to have children. Boniface loves children and has always wanted children of his own. But he also believes that children are gifts from God, and so when they realised that they were unable to conceive, he was disappointed but not crushed. The way he saw things, he really did not have a reason to complain against God. God had bestowed him with many blessings: a wonderful wife, a good job, good health and so much more. He was more than ready to adopt children.

But Gertrude was obsessed with the idea of having her own biological children. Boniface understood her frustration, but he did not see what he could do to help. They had visited doctors, and even sought second and third opinions from reputed doctors, but they all said the same thing: that both he and Gertrude were healthy and fertile and they (the doctors) could not understand why they were not conceiving. They tried IVF, paying an arm and a leg for it, but the embryo did not grow into a foetus. That reinforced the idea in Boniface’s mind that it was God’s will that they should not have their own biological children.

But that attitude placed him at conflict with his wife. Gertrude accused him of not being committed to the cause of having children. Boniface took it stoically at first, but with time Gertrude’s attitude started getting to him. Their marriage became strained and Boniface became convinced that Gertrude would divorce him. His parents encouraged him to be more patient with his wife, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

Then it happened.

Gertrude conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. They were excited, and they praised the Lord for their gift. Their marriage returned to normalcy even as they got engrossed in the tedious work of raising their new born. Gertrude became pregnant again and they got a second child. They are one happy family again, and the problems they had faced are now well behind them. Boniface is still at PWC but Gertrude left the real estate firm and is now a partner in a midsized accounting and audit firm in Westlands. Financially they are doing well enough to afford holidays such as this one, which they take every year.

But now here is a challenge.


As the woman, whose name Boniface doesn’t even know, locks her mouth into his, Boniface knows he is in deep trouble. She is wearing a bikini and he is wearing only a short. She has locked her arms around him, meaning that their bodies are in close contact. He can feel himself getting aroused. She makes his situation worse by taking her hands down to his groin and stroking his manhood. For a moment he stops thinking and allows himself to be consumed by the pleasure of the moment.


The Sorcerer is watching his daughter at work with both delight and envy. He has a large mirror mounted to the wall of his office and he is watching Zahra at work in that mirror. Zahra is not just his daughter, but also his lover. He first made love to her when she was fifteen and they have remained lovers since. Seeing her in the arms of that despicable man Boniface fills him with great envy and deepens his loathing for the man.

The Sorcerer knows that hatred is not a bad feeling, because it only makes him more effective when he needs to be. He mumbles something at the mirror and it takes him to another scene, the hotel room where Gertrude is feeding the babies. He takes a jug of water and pours the water into two glasses. He mumbles something and the faces of the children appear on the water, each child’s face in each glass.

He walks to a cabinet where he has placed various chemicals and picks the strongest. Being children, a weak chemical would be able to kill them. But the Sorcerer is not taking any chances. He takes the strongest chemical in and pours into each cup, watching with delight as the children’s faces become contorted in agony.

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