The Sorcerer’s Daughter-By Edward Maroncha

Zahra is walking in the water, her feet touching the sand below. The water is up to her neck, but she is not worried because she is an excellent swimmer. She has been watching Boniface, and now is the time to make her move. She is no longer trying to mask the fact that she is surveying him. For the last three days, she has been watching him and his family. To be honest, they are a lovely family: a father, a mother and two lovely sons: one is four years old and the other is two years old. This is the first time she is catching him alone, and the fact that it is out in the sea makes it the perfect moment for her to make her move. He might be a prayer warrior, but he is a full blooded man, and every man has sexual urges. Whether he likes it or not, Boniface will make love to her right here in these warm waters, and that will make him vulnerable to spiritual attacks.

Boniface and his family are holidaying at the Harlun Beach Hotel in Mombasa. Zahra is here specifically to claim her father’s dues. Zahra’s father is a famous sorcerer, re-known due to the effectiveness of his work. Many people don’t know exactly how the system works, and they don’t care as long as they get the solutions they need to their problems.

But Zahra, as her father’s first born child, knows how to harness the forces of evil to solve people’s problems. She is the heir apparent, and her father has taught her all there is to know about the family trade. But up to now nobody knows who she is, and that allows her to take assignments such as these. Because of her father’s success as a sorcerer, money has never been a problem, and she can be whoever she wants whenever she wants. Sometimes she is a wealthy businesswoman; sometimes she is a wealthy man’s wife; other times she is an executive in some blue chip company. Today, and for the last three days, she has been the CEO of Zunoer Hair Products. The company didn’t exist until four days ago, and it has never bought or requisitioned any products. But if someone decided to check her out, they would find that the company was registered in 1987, and a spot check at the local supermarket would reveal that the company’s products are dominant. Except that it is all an illusion. The company doesn’t exist, but Zahra and her father can make anyone believe that it does.

That is the power of sorcery.

That is why this family, especially the man, is so intriguing. Rarely does Zahra’s father fail to meet his objectives. He always gets what he wants. But in this case he has been unable to extract his dues from this family, and his subordinate spirits are getting restless. There is a story to this. Five years ago, the woman, Gertrude, approached the Sorcerer, which is the way everyone calls Zahra’s father, and told him that she wanted a child. She explained that she and her husband had been married for six years and in that time she had been completely unable to conceive. They had visited hospitals but all the tests they had done indicated that they were healthy and that even the doctors could not understand why they were not conceiving. She had taken fertility drugs but none of them were working.

Her husband was patient, and had more or less resigned himself “to the will of God”. He had even suggested that they should adopt kids and raise them as their own. But Gertrude was having none of that. She wanted a child from her own womb. The fact that she could not conceive was messing up her self-esteem. By her own confession, she strayed from her marriage and took a lover to try and see if the problem was on her husband. When she failed to conceive, her esteemed suffered even more, and she became even more determined to conceive. That is when she came to the Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer laid down his terms to her: he would help her to conceive, but there would be a price to pay. She would pay a deposit of three hundred thousand shillings before the Sorcerer could get to work. After she conceived she would pay another two hundred thousand shillings. If she failed to pay this money she would miscarry. After the child was born, she would have to pay half a million shillings as the final cash payment, making that a total of a million. But that would not be all. When she conceived a second time, she would have to sacrifice the first child to the Sorcerer. After that the Sorcerer would leave her alone and she could have as many children as she wished because her womb would have been unlocked.

At first everything went well. The woman made her first deposit and she conceived. After conceiving she paid the second instalment. And when she gave birth she paid the final instalment. Trouble started when she conceived a second time. She was supposed to sacrifice her first born, but she did not. The Sorcerer personally visited her at her place of work, disguised as a businessman, and told her that he would take both children if she refused to sacrifice the first. Gertrude was truly shaken, but she told the Sorcerer that she had tried everything but the boy would simply not die. She explained that her husband was a devout Christian and that he prayed for the children every single day. That, she explained, is probably the reason she had been unable to harm the boy.

The Sorcerer naturally did not believe her. If the man was so prayerful, and if the prayers were so effective, why had they failed to yield a child before he intervened? He did not believe her even when she told him that she had fed the boy the poison he had given her but the boy didn’t even show symptoms of sickness. Gertrude invited him to kill the boy himself. The Sorcerer agreed, but he warned her that if he discovered that she was lying then he would punish her and her unborn child.

But it turns out that she was speaking the truth. The Sorcerer has tried in vain for the last three years to kill the boy to no avail. He tried destroying the unborn one before Gertrude gave birth but that failed too. Nothing seems to work against these children, which is weird because both children were received from the spirit world, and to kill them all he needed was to summon their spirits back to his shrine or to the ocean. But the spirits defied him and so the boys have both remained alive and healthy.

That is why Zahra is her. The Sorcerer is finally convinced that it is Boniface’s prayers that are keeping the boys alive. He has tried many ways of making the man stumble in his faith but all that has not worked. That is why he has played the ultimate card: using his daughter as bait to drag Boniface into sexual sin.  The plan is very elaborate: the Sorcerer will strike the boys when Boniface and Zahra are in the throes of passion. At that moment Boniface’s God will be fuming because of his sin and the boys will be vulnerable.


Zahra launches herself from the sand and swims to the place where Boniface is.

“Hello handsome,” she says coyly.

“Hello miss,” he says stiffly. Zahra can see that he is uncomfortable with the fact that she called him ‘handsome’ but at the same time he does not want to be rude. Zahra decides to hit him with a direct assault to keep him off balance.

“Have you ever made love in the water? I can give you an experience you will never forget.”

“I am sorry miss, but I am a married man. If I want to make love in the water I will bring my wife here.”

“We both know Gertrude will not agree to such a fantasy,” Zahra says, watching the shock on his face at the mention of his wife’s name. “And besides, where will the children be while you are making love in the water? Come on baby, this is your chance. Gertrude is not here and she will never know.”

Without waiting for him to respond, Zahra moves in for the kill. She wraps her hands around his body and kisses him deeply. She slides her hands down to his thighs and starts touching his manhood, noting with satisfaction that he is responding to her feminine touch. She has never failed her father, and she is not about to start now. It is up to the Sorcerer now to take the boys before Boniface remembers that he is supposed to pray.

(To be continued on Friday)


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