The House of Judah I-By Edward Maroncha

Audrey stares at the rolling country side as the SUV cruises by. The engine of the vehicle is purring softly even though they are racing at 140 km/hr. Lamb looks completely relaxed, as a man who is totally in charge of his beast-and his destiny-should be.  Audrey strokes his thigh and smiles at him. He looks at her lustfully for a microsecond before turning his attention back to the road. Audrey laughs softly.

“You want to stop by the roadside for a quick one?” she teases him.

“If you continue tempting me like this, I will have you while this car is still moving.”

Audrey laughs again. Audrey did not think that someone as deeply religious as Lamb would be so liberal towards sex. Even his weird name suggests that is a harmless creature. But Lamb is not just liberal; he is also a very skilled lover. In fact, her expectations were low the first time she allowed him to undress her. She was not a virgin; she had kissed her fair share of frogs before she met this prince charming, and some of those frogs were skilled Casanovas who knew all the right buttons to touch in order to set her body ablaze. She had also dated born again Christians, and those she managed to seduce to bed fumbled awkwardly leaving her unfulfilled and frustrated. Lamb doesn’t go to church, but he is more religious than worldly, so she did not expect much from him in bed. But that night he surprised her; he took her to places she did not know existed and made her moan like a teenager. Lamb is more skilled in bed than any of the Casanovas she had dated before meeting him.

At first that had worried her. She could not help but wonder how he had gained his vast experience in bed. Part of what attracted her to him was the fact that he did not seem to be a ladies’ man. He is always polite and courteous with women, but he does not flirt. With time though, Audrey convinced herself that it is possible that he had an ex-girlfriend who taught him the ways of the world, particularly bedroom matters.

Still, she had a nagging insecurity. What if that ex-girlfriend came back and took him away from her by reminding him of the good times they had in the past? What if she was not satisfying him in bed and he decided to find someone with his level of skill in bed? Audrey is deeply in love with him, but she had that silent fear that he would leave her. It is an insecurity that festered and thrived within her due to the many lovers who had used and dumped her in the past. She had started to believe that she is not good enough for marriage. Perhaps it is even the reason she was worried about Lamb’s sexual prowess.

But Lamb proved that he loves her enough to marry her.


Audrey is excited. In less than thirty six hours, she will be Mrs. Audrey Judah, a future matriarch of the House of Judah. Lamb already told her that he is two steps away from becoming the head of the House of Judah.

In the 34 years of her life, this is the closest Audrey has gotten to getting married. She and Lamb are on their way to Paradise Village, as the expansive estate owned by the House of Judah is called. The House of Judah is an old and very wealthy family. The Founding Patriarch of the family, Muturi Mataa, was a crafty paramount chief who cut deals with the colonial government and somehow managed to end up with three hundred acres of barren land. By the time he died, he had fenced off the land and built a private dam which he filled with water from a seasonal river that he diverted. He also managed to send all his twelve children to school. He was given the name Judah by missionaries when he declared that he had accepted Jesus as his savior.

Judah’s twelve children all got prominent jobs in the independence government. They used their influence to develop their father’s land to become what is now known as the Paradise Village. Members of the House of Judah are very secretive, and so very little is known about their personal lives except the fact that they are very wealthy, very religious and very loyal to each other and to the family name.

Lamb Judah is a great-great grandchild of the Founding Patriarch, and Audrey feels honored that he chose her for a wife.

The wedding is set for the day after tomorrow. Audrey’s parents are opposed to the wedding, so they will not be attending. Audrey’s father is a pastor, and he pleaded with her not to marry anyone from the House of Judah because they are a cult: a wealthy cult, but a cult all the same. But Audrey would have none of that. She reminded her father that she knows that he cheats on her mother with his secretary and multiple women in his church. She told him point blank that he is the reason she no longer goes to church.

“You are a hypocrite dad. My fiancé is a way better man than you. So yes, I will marry Lamb Judah whether you like it or not.”

Audrey doesn’t know why her father says they are a cult yet he doesn’t even know them. Lamb is a Christian even though he doesn’t go to church. The only difference is that he and his family believe that Christ already came back and is gathering his people and taking them to paradise.

“If he already came back, why haven’t we been raptured?” Audrey asked Lamb once. Although she does not consider herself “saved”, she was brought up in strict Pentecostal home and the lessons she learned early in life are still ingrained in her

 “Rapture is a Christian misconception,” Judah had told her calmly.

“But the Bible says that when the trumpet is blown His chosen ones shall meet him in the clouds.”

“That was figurative speech. Christ himself said He will come like a thief. Thieves don’t announce their arrival do they?”


“The truth is that Christ is already amongst us, and He is gathering His saints.”

“If he is already amongst us, where is He?”

“He reveals Himself to those He has chosen. If you continuously purify yourself, then you will meet Him, and you will get a mansion in paradise,” he had told her with a smile. Audrey had questions, but she did not ask them. She convinced herself long ago that the mysteries of God are beyond her. Besides, she did not want to argue with Lamb. She loves him, and that is what matters.


Lamb allows his mind to wander for a moment. He never thought he would ever love a woman the way he loves Audrey. Ideally, getting married to her should make him happy, because now she will be officially his. But that is not the way things work in the House of Judah. Getting married to Audrey will not make her exclusively his. She will become the wife of the House of Judah, and all the males in the line of succession will have the right to sleep with her.

There is a lot about the House of Judah that Lamb has not told Audrey. For instance, the core belief of Judarites is that the head of the House of Judah is actually Christ himself, who came back to earth as a black man. That position is hereditary because Judarites believe that the Lord Judah, also known as the Black Christ, does not die. Rather, his body is periodically rejuvenated. God the Father takes the old body away and disposes it the way he disposed the body of the Biblical Moses, but the Spirit of the Black Christ, which is distinct from the Holy Spirit, reincarnates itself in the body of his eldest son.

‘Lord Judah’ is more of a title than a name. There are five titles in the line of succession. ‘Lord Judah’ is the title of the reigning head of the family, the Black Christ. His oldest son bears the title Lion Judah and the oldest grandson is called Lamb Judah. If the Lord should get a great-grandson before he is rejuvenated, the child will be called Emmanuel Judah. If there is a great-great grandson, then he is called Jesus Judah. The rejuvenation ceremony is usually an elaborate ceremony conducted at Paradise Village. The announcement of the rejuvenation of the Lord Judah is made by the Lord’s wife. The ceremony is usually conducted three days after that announcement. Lion Judah, Lamb Judah, Emmanuel Judah and Jesus Judah are officially promoted a rank during the ceremony. The lawyers of the House of Judah take care of the legal change of names after the ceremony.

God the Father can also decide to rejuvenate the heirs before the Lord Judah is rejuvenated. Lion Judah, for instance, can get rejuvenated before the Lord Judah. If that happens, a small rejuvenation ceremony will be held, and Lamb Judah will become Lion Judah and the others in the line of succession will also become promoted a rank.

Lamb is the second in line to become the Black Christ. He is the oldest male grandson of the current Black Christ. Lamb’s father is called Benjamin because he is not in the line of succession. Benjamin is the second born son of Lord Judah, and therefore he is not the Lion. Lion is his older brother, Lamb’s uncle. Lion’s first three children were daughters, and his younger brother Benjamin got a son before him. That is how the son of Benjamin became Lamb Judah. The oldest grandson of the Lord doesn’t necessarily have to come from the oldest son.


The other thing that Lamb has not told Audrey is that there is a lot of sexual license that comes with being a member of the House of Judah. Unlike mainstream Christianity that frowns on sex outside marriage and any other unconventional sexual practice, Judarites have sex as they please. There are a lot of sex orgies, swinging and incest that go on. Judarites believe that God the Father created sexual urges so that they can be satisfied.

Lamb started receiving his sex training at the age of twelve. He was trained by his aunt, the wife of Lion Judah. After his twelfth birthday, his aunt took him through three months of intensive sex training. That meant they were having sex three or four times a week for those three months. She practically taught him all the bedroom skills he needed to know. After those three months, he was allowed to practice with his sisters and first cousins, but he would sleep with his aunt once or twice a month so that she could test whether he had become skilled enough to be allowed to sleep with women outside the House of Judah. That went on for a year. A future Lord Judah cannot be allowed to embarrass himself in bed, that is why he has to be thoroughly trained by the women of the House-his aunts, older sisters and cousins-before he starts sleeping with the women of the world.

As Lamb swings the Range Rover off the highway onto a private road that leads to Paradise Village, he wonders how Audrey will react when she realizes that the man she will sleep with on her wedding night is not her husband, but her husband’s grandfather, the eighty-five-year old Lord Judah, the current Black Christ. That is what family tradition dictates.

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