The Den of Lions III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Den of Lions II)

“Do you have the photos?” Cecilia asks the young men. They are in Daniel’s house. Cecilia has gone back there to ostensibly collect her clothes, so that she can stay away from the house as the magistrate suggested. But she has more than enough clothes in Nairobi, and that was only an excuse to enable her conference with these young people.

Cecilia took advantage to her husband’s absence over the weekend to come up with this plan, as a backup plan just in case her own allegations against Daniel didn’t lead to a denial of bail. She is certain that the attack on a housekeeper so soon after his release will wipe out any sympathy that the public has for Daniel. And the public includes the magistrates.

Daniel is well loved in the community, so much so that Fides initially did not want to go along with Cecilia’s plan. Cecilia offered her ten thousand shillings and she refused. She only accepted when the figure reached a hundred thousand with a promise that Cecilia would not only let her keep her job, but she would also raise her salary.

“But what if your husband fires me?” Fides had asked nervously. “I really need this job. My mother is sickly and I have two children who need to stay in school.”

“He cannot fire you if he is in jail, Fides. But if you don’t help me and he goes to jail, I am the one who will fire you and ensure that you never get any other job.”

Reluctantly, Fides agreed. But Cecilia is still not sure whether she can be trusted as a witness in court. She still looks uncertain. But she has taken a deposit of the money, and she cannot give it back. So she will have to go along with the plan.

“Yes we have photos madam,” Stanley, one of the three young men that took Daniel to the police station says.

“Enough photos?”

“Yes madam. Our camera caught him kissing and groping Fides.”

“Good. One of you will have to take those photos to the police.”

“I already did, Senator. I mentioned in my statement that I took photos through the window as my colleagues rushed to rescue Fides. The police confiscated my phone.”

“Oh no. I needed those photos as well.”

“I thought you would madam, and that is why I sent copies of those messages to Allan via WhatsApp. He will give them to you. But now madam, about our payment…”

“You guys love money too much.”

“You promised us madam, and we have earned it.”

“Okay, okay. Do you have bank accounts?”

“Yes. Mwalimu told us to open accounts in the Sacco so that he could pay us from there.”

“Which Sacco did he tell you to join? Is it the teachers’ Sacco or the farmers’ Sacco?”

“The farmers’ Sacco.”

“Okay. Give me those account numbers.”

She takes out her phone and deposits money into each of their accounts, including Fides’.

“Stanley, I want you to post those photos on Facebook, saying how disgusted you are with the man you once respected.”


When Fides and the three young men finally leave, Cecilia goes to the master bedroom and stretches herself out on the bed. Her plan is finally falling into place. She is a very ambitious woman, and the thought that she would retire as a teacher always filled her with dread. She did not want to spend the rest of her days tending to Daniel’s shops and farms. She could have advanced her education and gotten a doctorate in education by now, but that was too cumbersome for her.  She did a Masters’ degree though, and she feels that it places at a good place especially now that she has made a name country wide. In case she loses an election, she will easily get a plum job. She doesn’t need a doctorate unless she wants to teach at the university, and she is sick and tired of teaching.

The same way she is sick and tired of Daniel.

Perhaps she got married when she was too young, and therefore got used to routine. Perhaps she should have experimented more with men before settling down into marriage. But as it is, Daniel was her first boyfriend. Life with Daniel was exciting at first, but after a couple of years it became boring. Their life revolved around church, school, children and Daniel’s farms and businesses. The man acutely lacks in ambition. All he thinks about is buying another farm, sending the kids to the best schools or universities or opening another hardware shop. You should have seen how excited he was when he opened a petrol station seven years ago. To him, he had “reached”.

Cecilia has cheated on Daniel multiple times in the course of their marriage. She actually has doubts as to whether Joyce is Daniel’s child. She cannot be sure because when Joyce was conceived, she was sleeping with Hezron, Daniel’s closest friend and the man who had been the best man at their wedding. But around time she had also found another lover, James, who would later be her business partner. So Joyce could be the daughter of any of the three men.

Because she was getting money from her lovers, and because her salary remained intact because Daniel has never asked her to contribute anything at home, Cecilia has been able to amass a lot of wealth which Daniel knows nothing about. She also used to divert cash from the school coffers when she was a principal to her accounts. She founded a company with one of her lovers, the man called James, and over the years that company has acquired and developed property in towns such as Meru, Nkubu, Chuka, Runyenjes and Embu. James is the face of the company, but while Cecilia is a minority shareholder in the company, she holds 45% of the shares against James 55%.

But it is in the last four years that Cecilia has rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty, people with tangible wealth, not a couple of petrol stations and cows masquerading as wealth. She has slept with men who wield real power in the stock exchange and in politics. Her current lover is the President of the Republic of Kenya, and he is deeply in love with her. She has been sleeping with him for the last two and a half years. The President’s wife died before he ascended to the highest office in the country, so the man is free from marital shackles…but ripe for another matrimonial bond.

Cecilia and the President have sat down and explored the various options they have. He told her that he would love to make her his running mate, but that would put a blot in the love they share. They agreed that she should run for governor but throw her weight behind his presidential bid. He would also support her bid for governor and that would ensure that they both with their respective seats.

He promised her that they would get married after the election, and she would make history as the first First Lady of the Republic to not only have a substantive office in government but to also hold an elective office. The President himself would make history by becoming the First Gentleman of her county. That would certainly create a buzz in the country, and they would utilize that buzz to launch her campaign for President, so that she, not the Deputy President, will succeed him as President when he retires. Cecilia is already comparing herself to Hillary Clinton, but she is certain that her presidential fortunes will be better than those of the former US First Lady and New York Senator.

The President has told her that he doesn’t want to hide his love for her. The only reason he has not declared it publicly is because she is still married, and he doesn’t want to attract a scandal so close to the election. It would hurt both of them.

They agreed that Cecilia would divorce Daniel, but she would do it in such a way that Daniel would come out as the villain, so that she can milk as much public sympathy as possible and therefore bank as much political capital from it as possible.

This latest plan involving Fides is brilliant, because she, Cecilia, is not in the picture. This is Daniel versus another woman: a vulnerable woman who he is taking advantage of because she is under his employment.  In her statement to the police, Fides has indicated that this is not the first time he has taken advantage of her. She said that he slept with her multiple times, almost twice every week for the last three years. But he threatened her against speaking out, or against quitting her job, because if she did she and her family would suffer unspecified consequences. Fides added in her statement that she cried out in pain this time round because he was physically hurting her, and she was lucky that the young men came to her rescue. But she is still scared that he might retaliate and hurt her and her family.

That statement means everything to Cecilia. Because of the fear that Fides expressed, the prosecutor will have strong grounds to oppose bail, and Amanda will be right there to provide the fireworks.

But that statement will also strengthen Cecilia’s divorce petition. The divorce petition that Amanda is working on cites cruelty as the main ground. Cecilia says in an affidavit that Daniel beats her up and that is why she wants to part ways with him. But now they will add infidelity and cite Fides. Amanda is a rubble rouser so the divorce will be noisy and very messy.

Cecilia will also file a matrimonial cause so that she gets a share of Daniel’s property. She wants to keep this house and as many of Daniel’s businesses and property as she can. The President has also promised to send State Agencies after Daniel, so as to crush him completely. From EACC to KRA, they will haunt him until he surrenders.

By the time she is done with him, Daniel will be wishing he had never been born.


Amanda plays to win, so she is still smarting after the humiliating defeat at the hands of that rookie Leonard over the bail application. She also takes things personally, that is why she has spent a couple of hours ensuring that the magistrate who humiliated her in the morning is transferred to a remote location.  She is certain to get a “friendly” magistrate to handle the new case facing Daniel.

Amanda is in the ring once again, and this time she is representing Fides. Publicly, she is doing it pro-bono-without payment. But privately, Cecilia is footing the bill. Amanda does not work for free under any circumstances. She has also visited the head of the local ODPP station, and gotten assurances she will have a fiery prosecutor by her side as they fight to ensure that Daniel is put behind bars. She had to oil the pockets of the lead prosecutor to make the deal sail through, but it was worth it. In any case, she will charge Cecilia any expenses that she incurs in the course of her work.

Whatever happens, Daniel is going to prison. He will not get bail this second time. And when the case is eventually heard and determined, Amanda is determined to procure a conviction by whatever means necessary so that Daniel spends the rest of his life in jail.

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