The Demons of Meke Hospital II-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Demons of Meke Hospital I)

Jemimah is terrified as Judy takes a syringe as instructed. Judy checks the bottles then picks out the correct one. In all the years that Jemimah has been a nurse, she has never heard of a drug called Clofytomium. But she knows that there are drugs which, if used carelessly, can induce a coronary attack.

“Lord, please let it be quick,” she prays in her head as Judy approaches her. “Do not allow me to suffer my Lord.”

Judy approaches slowly, holding the syringe with the clear liquid. She holds Jemimah’s hand as if she wants to inject then lifts the syringe slowly. Suddenly, she changes her mind and shoves it in Dr. Haye’s heavily-veined hand. She empties the liquid in one of the protruding blood vessels in the doctor’s hand and then kicks him hard in the groin. Judy then picks the bottle of Clofytomium from the desk and puts it in her pocket. She wraps the syringe in a plastic wrapper and throws it into the other pocket of her jacket.

Jemimah wants to say something but she is too stunned to speak.

“Let’s go,” Judy says, grabbing Jemimah’s hand and leading her to the inner part of the office. Dr. Haye has collapsed to the floor and is already gasping for breath. Beyond the main office, Jemimah is shocked to discover that Dr. Haye had a private bedroom in the office. Judy points to the bed.


Jemimah obeys.

“This is what we are going to do. From here you will go round the wards asking whether anybody has seen Dr. Haye. After a short while go back to the emergency center and tell the clinical officers there that you cannot find him. Meanwhile, I am going to the post office to collect letters. When I come back, he will be dead. I will find a way to raise alarm.”

“What if someone sees us leaving the office?”

“They won’t,” Judy replies, pointing at a door in the bedroom. “That door opens behind the theatre. You leave first. Nobody comes to this side when there is no surgery going on in the theatre.”

Jemimah has always wondered why Haye insisted on having a theatre in the administration block, but today she has more important things to worry about.

“Won’t investigators be suspicious if they find the back door open?”

“There will be no investigation, and there will be no open door. That door will lock itself when I close it from outside.”

“Thank you for saving my life Judy. I am sorry for calling you a prostitute earlier.”

“It is okay, Jemimah. But we don’t have time to talk right now. We will have coffee in Meke town after work and talk.”

“Okay,” Jemimah replies, and slips out of the office as instructed.


Administrator Bala is on the phone with the Archbishop when Judy knocks. They are discussing the sale of the hospital. Apparently the church leader has finally found a buyer for the hospital, and he needs the Administrator to start clearing out of the office to allow the new owner to take charge.

“Make sure there are no loose documents or memos that can incriminate us later,” the Archbishop is saying when Judy knocks.

When Bala doesn’t answer the door, Judy opens it and enters. An irritated Bala promises to call the Archbishop back and hangs up.

“You don’t burst into my office like that, Judy.”

“I am sorry sir. But it is urgent.”

“What is it?”

“Dr. Haye is supposed to be meeting medical suppliers right now, but no one knows where he is.”

“What do you mean nobody knows where he is?”

“He sent me to the post office in Messa to get his mail. We agreed that since the suppliers from Nairobi would come while I was away, he would leave his door open. When I came back about two hours ago, I found them waiting outside. I tried his door but it was locked. I called him but he is not picking his phone. I went down to the casualty to see if he was there but Jemimah told me that she had been looking for him, earlier but couldn’t find him. The suppliers left so I decided to wait. But it is two hours now and I am worried.”

“Maybe he is inside with a woman. You of all people know how these things work.”

Judy looks at the floor. Bala and Haye have this game where they share women. Twice, they have even forced Judy to participate in a gross threesome right here in Bala’s office.

“He never stays this long with a woman during the day,” she says quietly.

“It is okay. Go back to your desk. I will look for him.”

Judy thanks him and leaves. She knows that he has the key to the back door and will use it to sneak into Haye’s office. He will go in there expecting to find Haye busy with a woman, and is probably planning to join in. He doesn’t know the shock that is awaiting him.  Judy wishes she could see his face when he finds Haye’s dead body.


Bala knows Judy is lying. Haye couldn’t have possibly sent her to the post office. Today is the day that Haye had planned to kill Jemimah, and Judy was part of the plan. According to Haye’s plan, when Jemimah went to his office, he would grab her and restrain her then ask Judy to inject her with a drug that induces a heart attack. Haye was sure Jemimah would come to his office because in his words “she comes here every day, Bala. Even today I can bet you she will come.” Haye briefed Bala this morning so that he (Bala) could keep security guards busy as the doctor and his secretary moved Jemimah’s body to her office. Haye had planned to keep the body in his office bed until night time when the hospital has no employees on the administration block, except the night guards. That would be the best time to move Jemimah’s body to her office.

Bala leaves his office and goes down to Haye’s office. He uses the door behind the theatre to get in. He is stunned to find the body of Haye lying on the floor of the main office. The doctor is dead, and Bala is sure that it is a heart attack. Someone must have injected him with the same drug he had planned to use on Jemimah.

Bala sneaks out and goes back to his office. He will wait for about an hour before asking guards to find him a spare key so that he can enter Haye’s office through the front door. But in the meantime, he calls the Archbishop and informs him about Haye’s death.

“You are saying that you suspect that the two women killed him?”

“Yes Your Grace.”

“Those women could be a problem for us.”


“They probably know things they shouldn’t, otherwise why would they kill him? And if they start running their mouths to the new owner, he could rescind the sale agreement. And depending on what those women know, we could even end up in jail. They should be silenced.”

“Your Grace do you mean…”

“Yes. Have both of them killed tonight. It can’t be that difficult to kill two single women who live alone. Just find a competent gunman. I will pay.”

“Yes, Your Grace. I will,” Bali says. He already knows the man who can kill both women tonight without leaving a trace. He is costly, but the Archbishop will not mind the cost as long as he gets the result he wants.

He takes his phone and makes a call to a man called Joe. They talk for quite a while. For two million shillings, both women will be shot dead in their houses tonight. Bala gives Joe the home addresses of Judy and Jemimah then hangs up. In the past five years, the Archbishop has authorized the murder of six trouble makers, so this not surprising to Bala. But this is the first time Bala is using Joe, a man trained by the military to kill.


Joe knows he has limited time, but then he is known operate quickly. He drives to the hospital and finds the nurse called Jemimah. She is in the wards, so he sneaks into her office using the directions given by Bala. He searches her handbag and finds a bunch of four keys. He searches the drawers but there are no other keys.

He passes by Judy’s desk and finds the keys on the table. She is with Bala, just like he had promised. Joe drives to both women’s houses and tries the keys. He finds the keys that match and gets a blacksmith to duplicate them. Then he sneaks back to the hospital and returns the keys. Judy is still not at her desk when he returns, so he simply drops the keys where he found them. But Jemimah is in her office, so he places the keys at the front of the closed door of her office. She will assume she dropped them.

He decides to start with Jemimah, so he goes back to his house, fits a silencer on his gun and drives to her apartment. He unlocks the door and gets in. When she enters the house, she will find him there.

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