The Butcher III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Butcher II)

Adrian considers himself an Alpha male. Tall, well built and good looking in a rugged way, he is used to the adulation of women right from his days in primary school. He got his first sexual experience in class six, when he managed to convince one of his classmates called Anne to be his girlfriend. They exchanged letters, or love notes to be more precise, for a full term before Adrian moved to make the relationship physical. Physical intimacy was a huge challenge because romantic relationships were strongly discouraged in primary school. The love notes would have been enough to earn both he and Anne a beating if they had been discovered. But they were not, and that made Adrian seek out a fresh challenge: sex. He first kissed Anne behind the library while their schoolmates were in class. To him, the risk of getting caught by a roaming teacher increased the thrill of the experience.

That Saturday Adrian’s parents and siblings went to a wedding, but he stayed back, feigning sickness. He had invited Anne to come over, and she lied to her parents that she was going to visit one of her girlfriends. Instead, she went to Adrian’s home and together they experimented on their reproductive organs. Since that day they always found ways to sneak around and have sex. Adrian stuck with Anne all the way to class eight but that was only because she was the only girl who was willing to run the risk of getting caught. Somewhere along the way they discovered condoms, and the relationship ran its course without Anne becoming a teenage mother.

In High School, Adrian found the going to be much easier. He was an athlete, playing football and basketball, and in both he quickly became a sensation due to his superior dribbling skills and the unique flair with which he played. Girls loved him for it. He was in a boys’ boarding school, but there were numerous opportunities to meet girls through interschool events. Besides sports, there were also drama and music festivals. Adrian wasn’t particularly gifted in either, but he always tagged along in choral verses. During these events, Adrian and his more adventurous friends would bring girls to the school bus and have sex there.

By the time he sat for KCSE, he had left a trail of broken teenage hearts as well as at least two shattered academic dreams occasioned by pregnancy. But sleeping with teenage girls had stopped being challenging when he was in form three, and he geared up for a new challenge. His new target was a biology teacher called Doris. She was young, probably in her mid-twenties, and looked naïve. Adrian started flirting with her using very innocent compliments.

 “You are very smart, teacher,” he would tell her one day. The following day he would use a variation of the same compliment. “That dress looks really nice on you, teacher.”

When the teacher became used to the compliments, he moved on to more personal ones like “you are very beautiful, teacher”; “wow, Miss Doris, we should vote for you as the sexiest teacher in the school”. The constant use of the word “teacher” made his remarks sound innocent and respectful, even though his intentions were not. Adrian has the gift of the gab, and his friends often joke that he can convince God to forgive Satan and restore him as an archangel within the realm of glory. It wasn’t long before the teacher fell for his trap. By the time he kissed her in the biology lab one evening, she was totally in love with him. Even the risk of losing her TSC job or of getting arrested for sleeping with a minor did not deter her from the relationship. At least thrice a week Adrian would sneak out of school and head to her house. The relationship ended when Doris became pregnant, shortly before Adrian sat for his KCSE exams.


Adrian chases women more for the thrill of the chase than for the actual sexual experience. If a girl flirts with him, he loses interest immediately. In campus, he targeted radical Christian and Muslim girls, lesbians and married women, especially those who seemed to be way above his social class.  While he was not “successful” with every girl he pursued, he had enough “success” to bloat his ego. By the time he came to Muthambi Girls High School as a newly employed teacher, he was certain that few women could resist his charms.

Adrian did not take notice of Hannah, the school Principal’s secretary, immediately.  A young woman does not pose a challenge to him. In his mind, she would probably throw herself at him if he as much as looked in her direction. He was more interested in the senior women in the staff room: women with husbands, stable families, positions in their churches and reputations to protect. By the time he noticed Hannah, he had slept with four older and senior female teachers at the school and was focused on seducing the school principal. Mrs. Kaburu, the forty nine year old school principal, is a married woman, a church elder and the chairlady of the Woman’s Guild in her church. She is the epitome of Christian and family values, and Adrian wanted to see if he could make her stumble.

Hannah was brought to Adrian’s attention inadvertently. He and his male colleagues were drinking at a local pub when one of them mentioned how infatuated he was with Hannah, but how frustrated he was because she was very faithful to her butcher husband. That captured Adrian’s attention, and he made her his top target. He expected her to fall for him without a struggle, so his plan was to seduce and sleep with her and then return his attention to Mrs. Kaburu. He was convinced that with his superior looks and seductive abilities, she would hop into his bed within a week.

But Hannah has proved to be more difficult to “conquer” than most women he has encountered before. Her defenses are always up. She seems unmoved by his charms. On the other hand, however, she looks sad. Adrian has seen that look on the faces many women in unhappy relationships, and it always signals to him that a woman is vulnerable. That look convinced him that he can get Hannah if only he exercises patience, and that is why he is still stalking her, five months later.


When Hannah texts him, he is watching a movie alone in his house. Before he started chasing her, he almost always had female company at night. But these days he finds other women to be annoying. He has become obsessed with Hannah.

He at first he cannot believe it when he sees the text. His victory has come when he least expects it. Immediately he sees the message, he realises that this is his chance to have her: she is weak and vulnerable, and obviously hurting after her husband’s betrayal. If he has any hopes of sleeping with her, this is his chance. He cannot wait until tomorrow because human relationships are fluid. Her husband may come back and ask for forgiveness, and then she will be back to being the rigid Hannah she has always been. No, if he wants to have her, it has to be tonight. Besides, the risk of her husband returning and finding him in the house will make the experience even more thrilling.

He calls a boda boda rider and is taken to the estate where Hannah lives. In her text, Hannah gave him directions right to her door step. He walks to the first floor and sees door 1C. Just as Hannah had promised, the door is not locked. He eases himself in and shuts himself in. Hannah is not in the sitting room, so he calls out her name and informs her that he has arrived. When she does not respond, he checks the kitchen. She is not there; he moves to the rest of the rooms, and finds her sleeping in the master bedroom. Her son is with her. He considers waking her up, but realises that if her son wakes up as well, there will be no love making. Since she was texting him less than twenty minutes ago, she must have gone to put the boy to sleep and then fell asleep as well.

He decides to go back to the kitchen where he has seen a tasty meal of rice and beef. He gets a plate and serves himself a plateful. Being a bachelor, he survives on the meals that are served at school during the day. At night he mostly eats bread with strong tea. Sometimes he cooks ugali and eats it with maziwa mala, scrambled eggs or sukuma wiki. Today he was forced to buy meat when Hannah took him to her husband’s meat shop, but his inferior cooking skills ensured that it was not as delicious as what he is now eating. Adrian has neither the time nor the skill to prepare a sophisticated meal like this. He has just begun eating when someone knocks the door and then tells Hannah to give him Fredrick’s phone. He opens the door and tells the man, who turns out to be a boda boda rider, to get lost.

After the meal he relaxes on the sofa to wait for Hannah to get up, and decides to watch memes on Facebook in the meantime.                                                                         


When Adrian wakes up, he is disoriented for a few minutes before he remembers where he is. He does not know at what point he fell asleep. It is already day time so he hastily rises from the sofa and checks the time on his phone. 7.30 am. He has missed the morning assembly, which begins at 7.15 am. And if he doesn’t act quickly, he will miss his first class of the day, which begins at 8.00 am.  The principal is a stickler for time and discipline, and Adrian knows that if he wants to preserve his job, and his hopes of bedding the boss, he has to rush to work in time for that 8.00 am class. He will have to create a believable excuse for missing the assembly. He is still dressed in shorts and a T-shirt because he had not planned on staying here until day time. His plan was to come, have sex with Hannah and leave at the crack of dawn; probably 5.30 AM.


Adrian wonders why he cannot hear her in the house. As a secretary, she is not expected in school for the morning assembly. But she is expected to report to work at 8 AM, so she should be up and about at this hour, getting ready for work. And where is her son? Where does she normally leave him when she goes to work? Purely out of instinct, he decides to check the bedroom. He finds her still sleeping in the same position he left her last night. He tries to wake her up by shaking her but she doesn’t respond.  Then it occurs to him that she might be dead. In panic, he touches her face: cold. He grabs her wrist and checks her pulse. There is none. He repeats the same procedure with the child.

Both Hannah and her son are dead.

His first instinct is to flee, and he obeys it. He exits the bedroom quickly and heads for the door. He opens it quickly and nearly collides with a large woman who was just about to open the door from outside. He tries to push her aside so that he can run but she is like a large tractor: immovable.

Suspecting him to be a thief, she starts screaming. Neighbors who are still in their houses flock outside to investigate.

(Continued Here).

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