The Boss Lady III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Boss Lady II)

“Is everything okay?” Christy asks Silas, concern written all over her face. Silas considers himself lucky to have her. They have been dating for two years now, and have just started crystalizing their wedding plans. Christy comes from a well-off family. Her father is the Managing Director of Kaetu Institute, a research firm that works to eradicate pests and diseases using eco-friendly methods. Christy’s mother is the marketing director of a manufacturing company called Hurricane Quest Kenya Plc.


Growing up, Christy had everything that Silas lacked. She went to Braeburn School for her primary and secondary education before joining Strathmore Business School and completed a Bachelor of Financial Services degree at the age of 21. She has an MBA from UoN, which she completed while working. At 25, she is the manager of Cragwell Insurance Limited’s newly established Wangige Branch Office.

Christy’s parents have a home in Kitisuru, and it would have been very convenient for her to commute from there. But immediately she landed her current job three years ago, she left her parents’ home and rented an apartment in Mwimto. She stopped going to CITAM Parklands, where her parents fellowship, and started fellowshipping at Golgotha Victory Chapel, Wangige. That is where she and Silas met.

Silas has always been an active member of the church since his Sunday School days. By the time Christy joined the church, Silas was both the worship leader and the youth chairman, positions that he still holds till today. Within weeks of joining the church, Christy joined the worship team and started attending youth fellowships. Friendship quickly developed between her and Silas. When she learnt that he was a loctician, she decided that she wanted to have dreadlocks. Within months of meeting, Silas and Christy were dating.

It came as no surprise to Silas when Christy’s parents opposed the relationship. They could not imagine their daughter getting married to a semi-illiterate small time loctician in Wangige. They certainly did not bring up their daughter to spend her life working to support a man. But Christy stood firm. She insisted that she was an adult now, and therefore capable of making her own decisions.

“Can’t you see that that boy is only using you, honey?” her mother pleaded. They were arguing in the kitchen, while Silas nursed a glass of orange juice in the sitting room.

“You don’t know him Ma. You have met him only once, today, and that is because I brought him here. And even then, you didn’t care about who he is as a person. All you care about is what he does for a living, who is parents are, things that really don’t matter.”

“But they do, pumpkin,” her father interjected. “A man who cannot provide for his family has no business getting married.”

“And what makes you think that Silas cannot provide?”

“Provide with what? How much does he make in his mother’s salon?”

“And you think he will work at his mother’s salon all his life?”

“What other prospects does he have? He did not even go to Secondary School.”

“Would you rather I married a man I did not love, or a man who doesn’t love me, just because he comes from a well up family and has a six figure salary?”

“No. But falling in love with a man who has nothing and who doesn’t love you is worse. And anyway, who tells you that you can’t fall in love with a decent young man with a bright future and who loves you?”

“That man is Silas.”

They went on for a while before Christy’s father issued an ultimatum.

“That is enough Christy. I am not having that boy for a son-in-law. Period.”

“Unfortunately that is not decision to make, Father. I am your daughter, and I will marry him. So whether you like it or not, he will be your son-in-law.”

“If you marry him, you cease to be my daughter.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Christy said,

“Okay Papa. If that is how you want it, then fine.”

Moments later, she appeared at the sitting room and smiled at Silas.

“Let’s go babe,” she said. He did not question. He just followed Christy to her car and they drove off. They hadn’t even eaten at her parent’s house, so Christy drove to Two Rivers Mall and they found a fast food joint there.

“You know Christy,” Silas said when they settled down to eat. “I don’t want to cause problems between you and your parents.”

“You are not causing any problems babe. Why would you even think that?”

“Because I could hear the three of you arguing in the kitchen.”

“I am surprised at my parents. As a child, they always taught me that every human being is equal in the eyes of God, and that we shouldn’t become proud just because God has favored us with a few privileges. Yet the only thing I saw today was pride. Because God has favored them with resources, they suddenly don’t want their daughter to associate with a man from a humble background.”

“They have a point, Christy. Even the Bible teaches us that it is the man’s job to provide. We both know that I cannot provide the kind of life you are used to. I can’t even afford this meal that we are eating.”

“And who says I have to live the way I was brought up? We can use whatever I earn and whatever you earn to make a comfortable life for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be luxurious.”

“But is that fair?”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then that is all that matters to me.”

Christy did not talk to her parents for the next two months, and they eventually relented and started seeking her out. Seeing how determined she was to date Silas, they reluctantly accepted him. At first they were polite but indifferent. But ever since he got a job at SilvHair, they have become increasingly warm towards him.


As Silas looks at Christy now, he wonders if her parents were right. He is bringing her nothing but pain. He has already cheated on her. And now, because of him, her life is in danger.

“What is it, babe? Please talk to me.”

“I think we should break up, Christy.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?”

“I am not good enough for you.”

Christy sits on the couch next to him and parts his hand gently.

“Babe, what is going on with you today?”

Tears start rolling down Silas’s cheeks.

“I cheated on you last night. I slept with another woman.”

“No, that is not true. I know you Silas. You cannot do that.”

“It’s true.”

“Who is she?”

“My boss Silvia; she is actually the one who has just called. She wants me to go to her place again tonight.”

“I thought she is married.”

“She was married.”


“Yes. Her husband died last night.”

“You slept with her on the same night that her husband died?”

“He found us making out on the couch. He wanted to shoot me, but she killed him instead. It was actually in the news this morning. He had just been appointed as South Sudan’s Information Minister.”

“So why hasn’t she been arrested if she killed him?”

“It appears that no one knows that she is the one who killed him. You see, she hit him with a stool and he lost consciousness. Then she got her henchmen to drive his body away, in his car. According to reporters, that man was shot dead on Mombasa Road, Silvia she lives in Lavington. She is a connected criminal.”

“So what is your plan? Do you love her? Why did you go to her house in the first place?”

Silas explains to him in detail everything that happened from the time they left the salon until Silvia dropped him home.

“That is why I didn’t come to church. I feel filthy.”

“It is okay, babe. It is not like you wanted to do it. She forced you to. I am sure even God understands.”

“She wants me to go there again tonight.”

“Then say no.”

“I can’t. She said that if I don’t go to see her, she will harm you. She even knows you are wearing a yellow dress, although I don’t know how she would know that.”

“Don’t worry babe. From today I will be staying with my parents, at least until she forgets you. I will be fine there.  But I think you need to resign. After a short while she will find another play boy and forget you. Then we can go on with our lives. You will find another job, don’t worry.”


On Monday morning, Silas is woken up by a phone call.

“Aren’t you coming to work, Silas?” Silvia asks.

“No madam. I do not want to work for you anymore.”

“After you refused to allow me to pick you up yesterday, I thought you would say that. Perhaps it will interest you to know that my people picked up Christy outside her parent’s house in Kitisuru. She is safe for now. But if I don’t see you at the salon within the next one hour, feel free to go and view her body at City Mortuary.”

(Continued Here).

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