The Apostle IV-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from The Apostle III)

Dwayne cannot get Carol out of her mind; it is becoming an obsession. Right now he is in his office, brooding. He has been talking to her on the phone frequently for the last two days, and hearing her lovely voice alone turns him on. He wants her; he needs her. He has to find a way to make her his.

For the past two days, he has thought about nothing else except her. Carol is not like the other women he has been with. She is different, and he can feel it. She is rich, thanks to some lucky breaks in her profession and some smart investments. But unlike the other wealthy women he has had in the past, she is young and not desperate for love. Other women are so easy to con because of their desperation. But Carol has made it clear that she is willing to walk if he does not dump Cecilia. She loves him, but she is not desperate. She is young and beautiful; but unlike other young women he has been with in the past, she is not after his money. She has her own. Dwayne knows that even his wife Cecilia stays with him for the money; she doesn’t love him. If she loved him, she wouldn’t be bedding that clown Boris.

Maybe he should dump her. But Dwayne knows that Cecilia is not a pushover. She is not going to allow him to kick her out just like that. She is going to fight him, and if he is honest with himself, he will admit that he is afraid of her. He knows some of the things she does to the women who threaten him, and it is not nice. He is under no illusion that she does all that to fight for him or their marriage; she does that to protect the wealth. And if she realizes that he is the one standing between her and the wealth, he will be the one she will fight.

But will he allow himself to be held captive forever? For how long will he be her slave? No, he has to get rid of her. But there is only one way to get rid of her without expecting her to fight back in the future. He shudders slightly as the thought forms in his mind.

Dwayne is many things, but he is not a murderer. He knows that Cecilia kills people, and it could be argued that she kills them on his behalf, but he has never considered himself a killer. But now, thinking about his situation, he realizes that the day Cecilia gets tired of him, he will become her next victim. Then she will own everything he owns.

He is vulnerable unless he makes his move first and fast. The more he thinks about it, the more he likes the idea. That cheat of a woman has to die. After all, what value does she add to his life other than spending his money?

Dwayne is not stupid. He knows that Cecilia has access to some dangerous people. But because of his wealth and influence, he has access to more powerful people. Like Mark. Mark is a senior officer in the National Intelligence Service, but he is a carryover from President Moi’s Special Branch. He has survived all these years because he knows how to play politics. Besides, he knows that every administration needs someone like him, even as they parrot about democracy. He is about to retire, but Dwayne knows he will not refuse a deal.

Special Branch training taught Mark how to make people disappear from the face of the earth. And that is what Dwayne needs. He knows it will cost him because Mark doesn’t come cheap, but it will be worth it.


Cecilia has noticed the change in her husband since Tuesday. The man is distracted most of the time and very irritable. She knows that it is probably because the girl he is chasing has turned him down. That is the only reason why he would be behaving this way. But she knows her husband; he will not stop chasing her until he beds her.

Cecilia remembers the first time she met Dwayne. He had just opened a church and went door-to-door preaching and inviting people to his church. Cecilia had just completed form four and was waiting for the results. Nobody in her family was religious; not her, not her parents, and not her siblings. But she decided to go to the church because she thought the pastor was cute.

The first service she attended had about twenty congregants. For some reason, Dwayne asked her to lead them in a chorus. She was shocked. She had been the ultimate bad girl in high school, and the idea that she would be leading a church song was ridiculous. But although her parents were not religious and did not go to church, they had insisted that she and her siblings attend Sunday School. In addition, Christian Union services in High School were compulsory. She knew the common choruses, and that is what she led.

That is how she became the praise and worship leader in the church. She has never gone through the motions of “getting saved” because she has never believed most of the stuff anyway. She is still the “bad girl” she was in High School, except that she now has to pretend a lot and speak a lot of Christianese, for the sake of making money. She quickly realized that it was the same with Dwayne. The church was nothing but a business for him.

When she discovered that he was cheating on his wife with an older, wealthier woman, she started flirting with him. He was not wealthy, but he was better off than her parents, who were poverty-stricken peasant farmers. Besides, she could see from his ambition that he would become a wealthy and powerful man. It didn’t take long before she wrapped her tentacles around him. She inserted herself into his life and even asked him to leave his wife. He resisted. Like most men, he found Margaret to be sacred; it was okay for him to cheat on her, but he wouldn’t leave her. Cecilia befriended a colleague of Margaret’s and fed her stories about the Apostle’s affair with Rachael. The woman, a gossip monger at the core, couldn’t help it. She investigated and told Margaret. It took a while but eventually Margaret kicked out the Apostle, giving Cecilia to entrench herself even further.

Left to his own devices, Dwayne would never have taken Rachael’s residential house. He is not a saint but he is not completely heartless. Stealing Rachael’s farms and businesses was his idea; Cecilia joined in after he had done most of that. But he would never have left her homeless; that was Cecilia’s idea. She saw the house, fell in love with it, and decided that that is where they would live.

It is this place that they still call home, twenty years.

Her life is comfortable. But Dwayne’s infidelity is threatening to ruin it. She has been sitting here hoping that Carol would be the woman who would set it right by killing Dwayne. But it seems that their relationship is not going according to plan. Besides, even if it does, it will be months, perhaps even years, before she realizes that Dwayne has been fleecing her. Cecilia doesn’t have that patience.

That is why she has made up her mind. She will take out Dwayne herself. She will instruct her two assassins to stage a robbery and kill him. She might even make it look as if it was his new girl who killed him.

She will be left at the helm of the church, and she will have full control of the vast empire Dwayne has built over the years. She will marry Boris, but he will be her lapdog. She will be the Alpha; the queen of kings.

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