Sweetheart-By Edward Maroncha

Recently, as I was going through some of my old books, I came across a few poems that I wrote between 2008 and 2014. Then I remembered that this blog has a tab called ‘Poetry’ that has so far remained untouched. I will share these pieces with you gradually, before I get the inspiration to write fresh pieces.

Sweetheart-By Edward Maroncha

(This piece was written sometime in 2008, when I was a love-smitten 18 year old)

Smiling broadly and knowingly

Her perfect set of teeth showing

Her pair of dimples mesmerizing

She make you just gaze!


When she talks to a he

Bile pours on your heart

You yearn to do him harm

For catching her gracious attention!


Every time she looks at you

Your knees are filled with jelly,

Your pulse rate doubles,

Because she makes you weak!


Everything she touches is breathtaking

Even the biscuit wrapper she discarded

Earns your utmost respect

I guess she is a real fay!


Teasing your very intelligence

She gives you her faulty phone to fix

But you simply cannot concentrate

And you brand yourself a fool!


Hot blood races in your veins

Whenever he walks up to her

Because he is always at ease

And he makes her shy!


Every time she is not around

You gather courage to approach her

You prepare a short flowery speech

But when she comes you melt!



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