Sugar Boy IV-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Sugar Boy III)

“Lisa told me to tell you that Sharon is pregnant with your child,” Marion tells Ezekiel. They are taking a walk outside campus, in the direction of Spring Valley. Marion enjoys taking these walks, and used to take them alone before she started dating Ezekiel.

Ezekiel shakes his head slowly.

“What does that girl want with me? I mean, Sharon has a boyfriend, so if she is pregnant, then it is Edgar’s baby.”

“But you also slept with her.”

“Yes, over a year ago. Unless she is carrying a baby elephant, that baby cannot be mine.”

“Are you daddy elephant?” Marion asks, and they both burst out laughing.

“Seriously though, the gestation period of a human being is nine months, and I slept with Sharon over two years ago. Besides, I always used protection. I really don’t know what Lisa wants with me. All I wanted was to have a Godly relationship with her. But she wanted to continue living in sin. Why should she continue tarnishing my name?”

“It is okay babe. It is the devil trying to bring you into temptation.”

Their conversation is interrupted when Ezekiel’s phone rings. He talks for a few minutes, assuring the person on the other end that he would see her soon, and then hangs up.

“I have to go. My mother is in Nairobi and wants to see me urgently.”

“Why have you saved her as ‘Governor bae’?”

“That is what dad calls her since she became Governor, and my siblings and I sort of caught on.”

“When can I meet her?”

“Soon. I am sure she will be very pleased to finally meet you. She always asks about you whenever we talk. You will like her.”

“From what I have seen on TV, she is such a humble and God-fearing woman. You are lucky to have her as your mother.”

“That is true. And I am lucky to have you as my soon-to-be wife too. By the way, why don’t we get married the weekend after we do our final exam?”

“Before we graduate?”


“How will we be sustaining ourselves?”

“I have a part time job, and my boss is willing to take me on full time after I complete my studies. I can’t wait to live with you.”

“Me too babe. Your mother is also your boss isn’t?”

Ezekiel laughs. His laughter is warm and infectious.

“Technically, no. My boss is the head of the Nakuru County’s Nairobi Liaison Office. He was hired by the County Public Service Board before my mother even became Governor.”

Before Marion can respond, Ezekiel pulls her to himself and kisses her deeply. She kisses him back, and this time she does not pull back. That is huge progress. He knows that by making promises of marriage, he will soon be able to sleep with her. He is relieved that she hasn’t  shown any disappointment over the manner in which he has proposed.


Magdalene does not like being kept waiting, so Ezekiel hurries Marion back to the campus.

“Is everything okay?” Marion asks. “Why are we running?”

“I have promised mother that I will see her soon.”

“But she just called you. Surely she must give you reasonable time to get to the city.”

Ezekiel knows that that is an argument that he is not going to win so he slows down considerably.

“You are right. It’s just that I don’t like to keep her waiting.”

“And you shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean that we should run as if we are being chased by dogs.”

Ezekiel laughs loudly.

“It is funny when you put it that way. It is just that there was some urgency in mother’s tone when she called me. I am wondering if everything is alright because she refused to tell me on phone.”

“You are such a caring son. She is lucky to have you, and I am fortunate to have you in my life too.”

“I wasn’t always a model son. But I am grateful that God took mercy upon me and delivered me from sin.”

They walk hurriedly back to the campus where Ezekiel’s car is parked.  He hurriedly hugs her goodbye before driving away.


Magdalene is a youthful politician.  At 45, she is already being touted as the leading presidential contender. She has the body of a 25 year old, but in public speeches she likes to style herself as a mother of “grown children”, which is probably why students at Lower Kabete do not doubt when Ezekiel claims that he is her son. It also helps that 32 year old Ezekiel dresses and behaves as though he is 21. He has no problem blending with the campus students.

Magdalene is serving her second and final term as the governor of Nakuru. With the next election two years away, people are already lining up to succeed her, while she is seriously considering a presidential run.

Throughout her career, she has been challenging and disrupting the status quo. She entered elective politics at the age of 20. She had just joined Moi University and managed to get herself elected as the Chairperson of Moi University Students Organization, beating seasoned student politicians. Moi university students expected her to hold the position for the rest of her campus life but she surprised everyone once again when she vied for-and won-the Rongai parliamentary seat in Nakuru. She completed her studies while working as a member of the National Assembly. She held the seat for two terms before gunning for the senate. She wanted to test her popularity across Nakuru County before making a gubernatorial run. She won the Senate seat with a landslide and served for a single term before running for Governor. In essence, Magdalene has never lost an election since she entered elective politics.

Magdalene is now a seasoned politician. She does not shy away from cutting deals and working her networks to get what she wants. But the persona she presents to the public is that of a warm, charming and almost shy politician. She is not as combative as many trail blazing female politicians, and that is probably what has made her so lethal. The male politicians she has faced in the past have always made the mistake of underestimating her.

Magdalene protects her personal life zealously. She has no husband, but she has two teenage daughters. Their faces have never appeared anywhere in the media. She has been sleeping with Ezekiel for almost a decade now. She met him during her campaign for the gubernatorial race. He was a volunteer driver but after speaking to him a few times as he drove her to events, Magdalene noted that he was a brilliant young man.

The only problem was that he had not gone beyond class eight. He is an orphan, although it is likely that his education status would not have been significantly different even if his parents had lived because they were very poor. Magdalene made a decision to take him into her house in Nairobi. She hired a private tutor for him. But his charm did not go unnoticed. Soon, she was sleeping with him.

With the assistance of the tutor, Ezekiel scored a B+ in KSCE. Magdalene had registered him for the examination as a private student. Because she did not want him to wait for two years before joining University, Magdalene enrolled him as a self-sponsored student at the University of Nairobi School of Business. Now he is only months away from graduation.


Ezekiel finds the Governor in a night dress. Magdalene immediately attacks him with kisses and soon, they are passionately making love.

“I had missed you Ez,” she says softly much later.

“I had missed you too, babe.”

“At least you are almost done with your studies now. Then you will be by my side forever.”

Ezekiel laughs softly. Magdalene, like Marion, loves the way he laughs.

“You are talking as if we are getting married.”

“Yes we are. We will get married immediately you finish your exams. You love me, don’t you?”

“Of course you know I love you babe. I just didn’t think you wanted to be tied down in marriage.”

It is Magdalene’s turn to laugh.

“If being tied down means being tied down with you, then I will do it. Besides, we are going to be a family. I am pregnant, so it is time I started wearing a wedding band. We are going to make a cute couple, you and I. But it is time you started behaving and dressing like a grown up.”

“Won’t the media criticize you for marrying a university student?”

“Grown up men go back to school all the time. I only need to acquire a few small but established companies in your name and then feed a few bloggers scanty details about you being a prominent businessman. After that you will stay out of the limelight completely. You will be forgotten soon enough.”

They are still lying in bed, naked, when Ezekiel’s phone rings. Magdalene reaches out from the side of the bed and takes the phone.

“Who is Marion?” she asks as she answers the call. Ezekiel’s heart skips several beats.

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