Sugar Boy III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Sugar Boy II)

“What is that girl telling you?” Ezekiel asks Marion quietly.

“Who,  Lisa?”

The girl’s name is Lisa! Ezekiel finally remembers the girl’s name.

“Yes Lisa. What was she telling you?”

“It’s girl talk. Why do you ask?”

“Have you told her that you and I are dating?”

“Yeah, I have. Is that a problem?”

“Maybe, or maybe not; but there is something that I need to tell you.”

“I am listening.”

“Lisa is one of the girls I used to sleep with before I met Christ. In fact, she was my last girlfriend.”

“What? I thought she says she got born again in High School?”

“I wouldn’t know about that. But she was a CU girl even when I was sleeping with her. Actually, I had started thinking that since you were adamantly refusing to give me a chance, I should settle down with her. I mean, I did not love her the way I love you, of course, but she was a Christian girl and I had some feelings for her. That is obviously why we were sleeping together. I thought that if I became serious with the relationship, then I would forget you and at the same time fall deeper in love with her. And that is what almost happened.”

“Then what happened? Why did you break up?”

“It is a dramatic story. First, I found out that she was cheating on me with another guy in her campus called Edgar. Apparently, and this is where it gets even more interesting, Edgar was the boyfriend of Lisa’s roommate Sharon.”

“No way.”

“Yes, it is true. She betrayed not just me, but also her roommate and friend. Sharon is the one who found them out first, and told me. We laid a trap for them and caught them in bed in Sharon and Lisa’s room. Sharon suggested that we get our revenge; so Sharon and I started sleeping together and made sure they knew.”

Marion does not respond, so Ezekiel adds quickly.

“I was not born again babe. For me, an opportunity had presented itself not only to get my revenge on Lisa, but also to sleep with another hot babe.  I obviously took it.”

“So you started dating Sharon.”

“Not exactly; I realised soon enough that Sharon was only interested in sex or more specifically, using sex to get Edgar’s attention. The only person she loved was Edgar. She used what we were having, whatever it was, to make Edgar jealous. They patched up things and got back together.”

“And Lisa?”

“After Edgar dumped her for Sharon, she asked for my forgiveness and we also patched up things. Everything was okay until I got saved. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable going on having sex as a Christian. She accused me of trying to be more Christian than her yet she had been born again for years. We had a huge fight and broke up. She swore that I would never be happy with another woman. I did not think much about it until I saw her in church today. I knew she would start sniffing around my affairs to try and ruin it for me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“We have talked about this before babe. I can’t possibly tell you all the things I did before I got saved. That would take years. But you know I am a new person now since I met Christ.”


Lisa is wondering whether she should approach Marion again. She is fairly sure that the LKCCU chairperson has no idea the kind of person she is dealing with. But is it worth it? What if Marion does not want to hear the truth? People in love can be blind to reason.   Plus it is not really her business anyway.

But she feels a duty towards a fellow woman. Lisa has been preyed upon before. She is a single mother, and that is probably why she empathized with Sharon, even though that girl had disrespected her multiple times since they became roommates.


Lisa had just finished form four and was waiting to go to the University when she met Jonathan. At the time, government sponsored students would wait for two years before joining university. During those two years, Lisa found a job as a peer teacher at her former school.

Having scored a B+, she was by far the best student in that school since it was founded. The previous record had been set ten years before: a B-. For three consecutive years before Lisa sat for her examination, the best students at the school had C+. Lisa was a legend.

The school was fifty kilometers away from her home, so it would have been expensive to commute on a daily basis. She rented a single room just outside the school and settled in quickly.

She knew Jonathan, of course, because he had been her biology teacher. He was also the CU patron. As a student, Lisa had been a CU official for three years in a row, ending up as the chairlady. When she was hired as a peer teacher, Jonathan asked her to be his assistant CU patron. She readily accepted.

It is here that their friendship began. Within no time, she was in love. Jonathan lived some distance away from school, and Lisa often found herself in his house. They would share scripture and watch Paul Washer, Billy Graham, T.D Jakes, Myles Munroe and Joel Osteen sermons. Jonathan was a huge fan of Joel Osteen.

Over time, Lisa came to trust him completely. When he said he wanted to marry her, she believed him. It did not take long for them to start kissing, making out and ultimately, making love. Lisa at first felt guilty. But Jonathan convinced her that it was not fornication for as long as they would end up married.

All was well until she became pregnant. Jonathan quickly changed. He started accusing her of being promiscuous, and denied ever having sex with her. He spread the rumors of her promiscuity around the school. When the principal learnt that she was pregnant, she panicked and fired Lisa. Her rationale was that if the girls learned that their role model was pregnant, it would influence them negatively. The principal did not want her students becoming pregnant just because the star student was pregnant. Lisa had done well to pass her examinations, but if she was not morally upright, then she was no longer welcome at the school.

Life was very difficult for Lisa as she dealt with the pain of the heartbreak and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with pregnancy. Fortunately for her, her mother Janet understood her. Janet herself had been a victim of such circumstances, bearing two children with a man who later abandoned her and married another woman. Lisa’s father cut them off from his life when Lisa was just two years old, and when Janet was pregnant with the second child, Lisa’s younger sister Bridget.

Janet is a primary school teacher, and she took her daughter’s son as her own so that Lisa could go on with her education. She supports her two children’s education using loans from her Sacco, and uses the remainder of her salary to support herself, her daughters and her grandson. Bridget is a second year economics student at Kenyatta University.

Lisa remembers the pain and anguish she suffered after Jonathan betrayed her. She wouldn’t want anyone else to experience it, which is why she purposes to talk to Marion. She knows that Ezekiel is toying with Marion. If he used and dumped Sharon, there is no reason to think that Marion will be any different.


“Marion can I have a word with you?” Lisa asks after the meeting. The members of the JCC council are catching up socially while taking refreshments.


“In private.”

Marion leads Lisa outside and they start walking along the pavements.

“I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I think you should be careful with Ezekiel. He is going to hurt you.”

Marion doesn’t know how to respond. She doesn’t want to entertain this discussion, but she doesn’t want to appear rude either. When she doesn’t say anything, Lisa ploughs on.

“There is a girl he messed up in our campus. She has actually been looking for him because she is pregnant, but he blacklisted her. He is not who he appears to be.”

“Listen, Lisa.  Like I said, he told me everything that happened in Kikuyu. But like I said, he is a changed man now. Can we put all that in the past?”

“Did he tell you about Sharon?”

“Yes he told me all about you and Sharon.”

“And you still entertain him?”

“Please Lisa, just let it go. What happened in the past is in the past.”

“Okay. I am sorry. But tell your boyfriend that Sharon is pregnant with his baby. It is okay if he doesn’t want to talk to her, but at least he should take responsibility for his child.”

“Lisa, there is no need to mudsling Ezekiel. I know he hurt you, but there is no need to fabricate stories. That is stooping too low. I have to go now, thanks for your time.”

“Hurt me? Ezekiel has never…” Lisa stops talking when she realizes that Marion is no longer listening, and is in fact walking away.She shakes her head and goes to find her chairman, so that they can head back to Kikuyu campus. Marion has obviously been fed some lies by Ezekiel. But that is her problem now; at least she (Lisa) tried to help.

(Continued Here.)

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