Sugar Boy II-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Sugar Boy I)

Each of the University of Nairobi’s campuses has an independent Christian Union. The largest is of course Main Campus Christian Union (M.C.C.U) while the smallest is the lawyers’ union, the Parklands Campus Christian Union (P.C.C.U). The doctors union, the Medical School Christian Union (M.S.C.U) at K.N.H is only marginally larger than PCCU, but these two tiny unions are known to make up for their lack of numbers by being loud and vibrant.

In between the largest and the smallest, there are five other Christian Unions. These are, in no particular order, the Kenya Science Campus Christian Union (K.S.C.C.U), Upper Kabete Campus Christian Union (U.K.C.C.U), Kikuyu Campus Christian Union (K.C.C.U), Lower Kabete Campus Christian Union (L.K.C.C.U) and Chiromo Campus Christian Union (C.C.C.U).

The only thing that joins the unions together is a loose formation called the Joint Co-ordinating Council of the University of Nairobi Christian Unions (JCC). The Council consists of the chairpersons and secretaries of all the eight Christian Unions of the University.

Lower Kabete Campus Christian Union is the only union that is represented in the council by an all-female team. The norm is a male-female team, with a male chairperson and a female secretary. All the other seven unions followed that norm wile nominating that norm this year, although in the past there have been a few all-male representatives. The last all-male combination appeared seven years ago, and it was once again Lower Kabete that breached tradition by nominating a man as the Christian Union Secretary.

JCC meetings are held on a rotational basis, across the eight campuses. Lower Kabete is hosting today’s meeting. Traditionally, the JCC meetings would start at 2 pm. The various leaders would conduct services at their respective campuses before heading to the host campus for the meeting. But that tradition was set aside last year, and now the JCC leaders usually join the host campus for the Sunday service. This was agreed to be the best way to popularize the organization amongst ordinary Christian Union members.

The service is already underway at LKCCU when Ezekiel sees her. He cannot remember her name, but he is sure that she is from Kikuyu Campus. He knows this because he has been to her room. 

From the moment he sees her, he loses concentration. It takes a lot of effort for him to coherently lead worship. The instrumentalists are surprised because Ezekiel hardly misses a beat, yet today is inexplicably out of rhythm. Everyone is relieved when the worship session ends.


The last time Ezekiel was in this girl’s room, he had been sleeping with her roommate Sharon. On that particular day, three months ago, he dropped Sharon at the campus but she insisted that he should take her to her room in the hostel. So they went. They were both inebriated. They found this girl eating chips while reading her Bible on her bed. Unlike many hostel rooms, there were two separate beds in the room, as opposed to one double decker bed. Sharon asked the roommate to give them space, but the girl refused.

“He will not spend the night. We only need one hour to make love and then you can come back,” Sharon said.

“I am not going anywhere.”

Sharon was one of the crazier girls that Ezekiel has slept with. When her roommate decided that she wouldn’t leave, Sharon decided that they would go ahead with their business in her presence. So she stripped and helped Ezekiel to strip too. As they went about their carnal business, Sharon’s roommate did not move. She just went on eating her chips and reading her Bible as if they were not there.

If it had ended there, then perhaps this situation would not be so awkward. But it did not. After they were done, Sharon suddenly shot up from the bed.

“You know babe, I think CU girls are so stuck up because they don’t know the delights of sex.”

“I agree,” Ezekiel replied.

But we can disciple them.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see the way CU people keep on bothering us with messages of Christ and telling us the delights of being in love with Jesus?”

“Uh uh.”

“What if we spread the message of sex to them? We could call ourselves the missionaries of sex,” she continued, laughing drunkenly. “And we can start with our sister here. We can introduce her to the joys of group sex by having a three some with her.”

Shortly afterwards, Ezekiel and Sharon, both naked, were on this girl’s bed. As Sharon tried to undress her, Ezekiel’s hands went under her clothes and started fondling her. It did not take long because the girl quickly overcame her initial surprise and started kicking, scratching and biting them. Then she fled and came back with security guards. After the guards realised that Ezekiel was not a student at Kikuyu, they ejected him from the campus, warning him never to come back.

He has not been back to Kikuyu since then, and he has since blocked Sharon from his contact list because he found a hotter flame in K.U. But he knows that this girl remembers that day. That was not an experience anybody can forget, much less the victim.

Ezekiel wishes that that incident happened much earlier, because he could then argue that he had not met Christ. But it happened three months ago, while he was LKCCU’s Worship Secretary, and while he was making moves at Marion using King James Version Christianese.


Ordinarily, Ezekiel wouldn’t care one way or another if he is exposed. But he is so close to sleeping with Marion. He has never been obsessed with a woman the way he is obsessed with Marion, and it will be very frustrating for her to dump him now.

Yesterday he took her zip lining at Kereita Forest. After that he took her to Naivasha, where they rode a boat into the lake and ate ugali and fish on the shores of the lake. They took dinner in one of the hotels in Naivasha town. It is outside this hotel that he kissed her. He made it look impulsive, although he had planned for it for a whole week.

She resisted a little, and then kissed him back. But after a couple of minutes she pulled away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Ez,” she said. “We should abstain till marriage.”

“You are right. I am so sorry babe. I got carried away. It won’t happen again.”

“It is alright darling. I also got carried away. But at least we did not sin. But we should avoid getting into these situations that might lead us to sin.”

“That is true. And we should be vigilant in prayer. The devil might want to bring us down with sexual temptation,” Ezekiel said, like a true Christian.

That conversation did not bother Ezekiel much. He knows that by kissing her undefiled lips, he has lit a fire within her, and the next time he kisses her, they will end up in bed. The only thing that can ruin that plan is this girl.


Lisa finds it difficult to concentrate. She cannot believe that this guy is the LKCCU worship secretary. She has no doubt that he is Ezekiel, Sharon’s ex-boyfriend and the man who tried to rape her. She has never, and will never forget that day.

Sharon is pregnant for him, and she has been unable to contact him for months. Lisa expected Sharon to abort the baby. Nothing her roommate did surprised her anymore. But Sharon’s decision to get saved caught her off-guard.

“If I am going to be a mother, I am going to be a responsible mother. I don’t know how I will raise this baby, but I will,” she told Lisa in one of the many conversations they have had since then. The first thing Sharon did was to apologize for her behavior, and in particular, for that day she and Ezekiel tried to molest her.

“Is Ezekiel the father of your baby?”

“Yes. I know I have done many crazy things in this life but I have never slept with multiple men at the same time. I really loved Ezekiel but I guess he just wanted to have a good time. After that night he stopped picking my calls and then he eventually blocked me,” she said, a tear falling down her cheek.

After recalling her conversations with Sharon, Lisa steps out of the Lecture Theatre, where the service is going on, and tries to call Sharon to tell her that she has found her baby daddy. But Sharon’s phone is off.


After the service, Lisa finds Marion, the LKCCU chairperson. She needs to alert her about the behavior of the Worship Secretary.

“Sister Marion, I need to ask you something.”

“Please go ahead.”

“How well do you know Ezekiel?”

“Our worship secretary?”


“I know him very well. He is actually my boyfriend.”

Lisa is stunned.

“I think you should be careful, Sister Marion. He is not who you think he is.”

“Don’t worry Sister Lisa, I know about his dark past. But he is a changed man now.”

“I am talking about three…”

“Hello ladies,” Ezekiel cuts them short. “Babe I need to talk to you before you head for the meeting.”

“Sure. Thanks Lisa for the heads up. But God doesn’t hold our past against us, so we shouldn’t judge other people too harshly either. I will see you at the meeting.”

She takes Ezekiel’s hand and walks away, leaving Lisa in shock.

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