Rocking the Boat IV-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Rocking the Boat III)

(This blog post completes chapter two of the novella ‘Rocking the Boat’. To read the whole story, kindly purchase the novella at only Kshs. 100 using the instructions at the bottom of the post.)

“See, I knew you wanted it,” Jack says triumphantly. He has removed his mouth from hers, but his arms are still wrapped around her torso. Charlotte frees herself and walks back to her desk.

“I don’t want anything to do with you, Jack.”

“We both know that that is not true. Look at the way you are trembling. You must have felt the chemistry between us.”

“I am a married woman, and my husband considers you a friend.”

“You were mine first, Charlotte. I came before Ryan.”

“That may be true, but you left. Ryan stayed, and that is what distinguishes him from you.”

“That was a mistake, I admit. And I regret it. I am here to make amends.”

“It is too late for that, Jack. I moved on. I now have a family: a husband who loves me, two adoring boys and an adopted daughter who looks up to me. I am not going to throw all that away just because you showed up.”

“Are you happy in your marriage?”

“I am very happy.”

“Yet when I kissed you, you kissed me back.”

“That was a mistake that should not be repeated.”

“Why do I have a feeling that you miss the good time that we had?”

“That was over twenty years ago, Jack. I have forgotten all about you. Now please leave my office, I have plenty of work to do.”

Jack rises as if to leave, but then he walks around her desk to her chair.

“If you have forgotten, then it is my pleasure to remind you.”

He lifts her off the chair and sits on it himself. He places her on his lap; he plants his mouth on hers and slips one hand under her skirt.


Ryan parks next to a black Range Rover outside the building that houses his wife’s firm. Today Charlotte left the house without taking breakfast. Ryan has tried to remember what he did, or failed to do, that could have upset her, but he cannot think of anything. He removes the bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a card from the passenger seat and goes up to the offices of Alingo & Gathatha Associates. He hopes that these gifts will lighten Charlotte’s mood. Or at least get her to talk to him. The receptionist, who knows him well, lets him through to Charlotte’s office, where he is received by her secretary, Ruth.

 “Is she busy?” he asks the ever pleasant Ruth. Charlotte’s secretary is a member of Ryan’s church.

“Yes, pastor. She is seeing a client now, but if you wish, I can tell her that you are here.”

“No, there is no point. I will just leave these with you. You can take them to her, and tell her I will see her in the evening.”

 “That is so sweet, pastor. I will let her know.”

Ryan thanks her and strides out of the office, a satisfied smile on his face.


Ruth has a massive crush on Pastor Ryan, although she keeps it well hidden. At 34, Ruth is slightly less than a decade younger than he is. Ryan is a handsome, self-confident man, and he speaks with charming authority. Although he is gaining weight, he is still athletic enough. He is also a very Godly man, and is devoted to his wife. Ironically, these two attributes are what make him even more appealing to Ruth, yet they are the same attributes that take him out of her reach, and the reach of every other woman except Charlotte.

She admires the flowers and chocolates for a minute. She can feel jealousy rising within her. What did Charlotte do to deserve this man? She rises from her desk and walks down the short corridor to Charlotte’s office. Over the years, she has mastered the art of entering the office without making noise. This ensures that she can enter the office while Charlotte is conducting meeting without disrupting the meeting.

When Ruth enters the office, she blinks twice to confirm that she is not dreaming. In front of her is the most pornographic scene she has ever seen. Jack, the walk-in client who showed up a moment ago, is sitting on Charlotte’s chair. Charlotte is sitting on his lap, her hands wrapped around his neck as they kiss passionately. One of Jack’s hands is under her blouse, and the other is under her skirt.

Ruth quietly places the flowers on a small table near the door, then whips out her phone. She takes a two-minute video. She is tempted to go on recording, but she doesn’t want to get caught. So exits the office, leaving the door ajar. There is a rush of adrenaline going through her. If she plays her cards right, Ryan will soon a single and available divorcee.

Ruth knows that if there is anybody who hates Charlotte in this firm, then it is Dwight, one of the Senior Partners. So she quickly walks to his office. They don’t get along, but Ruth knows that Dwight is smart enough to put his ambitions before personal feuds.

“Hello Dwight,” she says when she gets to her office, bypassing his furious secretary.

“What do you want?”

“There is a problem in Charlotte’s office, and I was hoping you could help us.”

“I am busy.”

Ruth leans closer to him.

“There is a male client in the office right now, and I am hearing strange voices. Are you sure you don’t want to investigate?”

Dwight looks up.

“If you are pulling my leg…”

“I am stepping out for the next five minutes,” she says and walks out. Dwight hesitates. This could be a massive opportunity for him. He has always wanted to be the Managing Partner of this firm, but he has not found a way to oust Charlotte from the position. This could be it. But he has not forgotten that the last time out, Ruth and Charlotte almost got him fired. He had made passes at Ruth, as he does with all the firm’s female employees, but she had not taken it kindly and reported him to her boss. Charlotte immediately called a partner’s meeting to investigate his conduct. Fortunately for him, he had never called or texted her, so it was his word against hers. The partners decided that there wasn’t sufficient proof to dismiss him.

He suspects that this could be a trap that Ruth and Charlotte are setting up for him. But after thinking about it for half a minute, he decides that there is no harm in going to consult a colleague professionally. So he picks the file he has been working on and walks to Charlotte’s office. He is pleased to find the door ajar. That reduces the noise.

Dwight is shocked at what he finds. The paragon of virtue, the pastor’s wife and the managing partner of the firm is sitting on the lap of a man, her hands around his neck and their mouths locked together. The man’s hands are roaming freely under her clothes, and Dwight can see that her bra has been unclasped.

Dwight remembers that the reason he wasn’t fired was lack of evidence. So he takes out his phone and starts filming. When he has had enough, he coughs twice.

Surprised, Charlotte jumps away from Jack’s lap. Dwight is still recording.

“What are you doing here, Dwight?” she asks. She is embarrassed and her face is overheating.

“I wanted to consult you on a file I am working on but it can wait. Do you know what you are doing goes against the firm’s policies? I am sorry, but I will have to convene a partner’s meeting to discuss your conduct.”

“Okay, but please don’t share that clip, Dwight. I beg you.”

“I will need to convince the partners that I am speaking the truth.”

“Just level the allegations, and I will not deny them. In fact, I will make it even better for you. I will resign as Managing Partner. I know you have always wanted this seat. But please delete that clip. Someone may share it on social media.”

“I want you to quit the firm altogether.”

“I can’t do that. My whole life is here.”

“Then I guess I will see you at the Partner’s meeting,” Dwight says as he leaves, a wicked smile plastered on his face.

All that while, Jack has been sitting on Charlotte’s chair, not saying anything, and not even trying to conceal the bulge in his trouser.

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