Predator in a Skirt II-By Edward Maroncha

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(Continued from Predator in a Skirt I)

“What were you studying tonight?” Grace asks Arnold after they are done with love making. They are both still naked. The experience was not mind blowing for her, but she did not expect it to be. This was Arnold’s first sexual encounter, and he will need some training before he can be experienced enough to please her. If her experience with the other boys is anything to go by, it will take Arnold around two months to get it right.

But the time will be worth it. The two boys she has been with have been better in bed than the cumulative total of all the adult men she has slept with since her first boyfriend broke her virginity when she was nineteen. In her experience, most men are selfish in bed, and are only concerned with their own satisfaction. But she teaches these boys how to please a woman in bed, and for the period between early March and the end of October she enjoys the most fantastic love making on the planet. The girls these boys will date and marry should pay her royalties.

“Mathematics,” Arnold says because he thinks that that is what she wants him to say.

Grace smiles; she knows that that is what he is thinking. Having worked with pupils for the last fifteen years, and having taken a course in guidance and counselling, Grace understands the psychology of pupils better than most.

“Okay, I will help you revise. You will be revising with me every night during the senior’s hour. And don’t worry; we will be covering every subject, not just mathematics. We will be revising for thirty minutes, and right after that we will be having a little fun. How does that sound?”


“Did you enjoy what we just did?”

Arnold nods his head shyly.

“I enjoyed it very much as well. But remember that this is our little secret. You cannot tell anyone, okay?”


“I love you Arno.”

“Are we going to get married?”

The question surprises Grace.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because our pastor says that what we have done is for married people.”

Grace laughs nervously. She should have anticipated this question. Arnold is a religious boy, and one of the active Christian Union members. At first she had thought that his religious beliefs would present a problem, but she convinced herself that his teenage sexual fantasies would override any religious concerns that he might harbor. Besides, he is a very good looking boy, and she did not want to settle for a lesser boy.

Arnold is so cute that Grace decided last year that she would have his baby. At 37, Grace knows that time is not on her side; her biological clock is ticking, and she does not want to hit menopause before she brings forth an offspring. But none of the men she has been with have been good looking enough to have a baby with. She wants a baby that she can flaunt on Instagram. Besides, she doesn’t want a baby daddy hovering over her life. She wants a child that will be hers and hers alone. This year seems to be the year that she finally gets her wish. She intends to stop using the pill towards the end of the year. That way, by the time her pregnancy begins showing, Arnold will have left the school and will never know that he planted a seed in her.

“Would you like to marry me?” she asks softly.



“I love you. You are very beautiful, and you are kind and nice.”

“Thank you Arno. We will get married after you finish school. I want you to work very hard in your studies, okay?”


“And don’t tell anyone what we are doing.”

“Why? You love me and I love you. Why shouldn’t people know?”

“People will be jealous Arno. Your classmates, other teachers, everyone…it is not always a good idea to tell people everything that happens in your life. They will jinx it. We should tell them about our love when we are ready to get married…after you finish school.”

“Okay. But I normally tell my mother everything so that she can pray.”

“Oh that is nice. But you cannot tell her this.”


This is the part that gets really tiresome for Grace. Sex with kids is awesome; but the conversations are burdensome because these boys are essentially still kids. She has to explain basic stuff over and offer again. This time around though, what she really wants is to dodge an explanation. She cannot tell him that she would be jailed if the truth of the affair came out, because even though he is still a kid, he is old and bright enough to start blackmailing and manipulating her.

“I don’t want to lose you sweetheart,” Grace says, pretending to pout. “If you tell your mother she will say you are too young to be thinking about marriage, and that I am too old for you. She might even take you to another school, and then we will never see each other again.”

“She cannot afford to take me to another school. I am here on a scholarship.”

“Yes, but if your mother says that I am distracting you from your studies, other people who are jealous of our love might offer to take you to another school. Because of jealousy, they wouldn’t even listen even if we told them that I help you to study. They will make a big deal about our age difference and then they will separate us. Their jealously would even make them pay school fees for you in another school. I don’t want that, because I don’t want to lose you.”

“I don’t want to lose you either, teacher Grace. I promise I will not tell anyone.”

They kiss once more and then dress up. They attempt to do some math, but it does not work. Arnold keeps touching Grace under her dress. She indulges him. This is his first experience with the female body, and it will take some time before he gets used to it. They end up making love again, and dress up just before the bell signaling the end of the Seniors’ Hour rings. Arnold sneaks out of the office and finds his way into his cubicle just before the lights go out.

“Where were you?” his roommate Bruce asks.

“Why do you ask?”

“I thought I would find you here. I always find you here.”

Bruce is not just Arnold’s roommate; he is also his best friend. They have been roommates and classmates since class five. But Arnold has just promised his new sweetheart that he will not reveal their secret.

“I was in the science room,” he says, knowing that his friend would have no way of verifying the information. Seniors are allowed to study in the science room during the Senior’s Hour.  But Bruce wouldn’t know who to ask if Arnold was there or not.


Ian Makanda, the deputy head teacher of Walleva Academy, is thirty three years old and has never been married. He had a long term relationship when he was in college about ten years ago, and he was sure that it would lead to marriage. But when he could not secure a job quickly enough after graduating, she left him for another man.

After that he has had a string of short term relationships that always lead nowhere. One such relationship is with his boss, Grace. Ian is deeply in love with her, but she only seems to be interested in having a good time without any real commitment. Their relationship has been on and off for four years. Each time they break up Ian swears that he is done for good, and that he would not allow her to use him for her amusement ever again; but then every time she flirts with him again he goes running back to her arms. One time he even broke up with a girl he finally thought he would marry, just so that he could go back to Grace. The girl is now happily married to another man, while Grace is still toying with his feelings. Ian is angry and frustrated with himself, but he simply cannot get her out of his system. She has him in her thumb, and worse, she knows it.

Because of his infatuation, he began stalking her several months ago. He wanted to know if she was seeing a married man, or perhaps another woman, which would explain her lack of interest in a long term relationship leading to marriage. But what he discovered in July last year was odd. A boy called Graham visited Grace’s office every single day during the senior’s hour, and only stopped going there on October 31, about a week before KCPE began. The first day he saw the boy leaving the head teacher’s office he thought nothing about it. There is nothing unusual with a pupil going to the head teacher’s office. But when he saw the same boy leaving that office at the same time a week later, he started to pay attention.

Graham visited Grace’s office every single day when school was in session, except for those days when Grace would be away from school either on official duty or for personal reasons. He entered the office at exactly eight fifty, and would leave at nine forty five, five minutes before the bell rang. Ian got close to the boy and tried to fish for information without revealing what he knew but he got nothing. He waited for the boy’s results to tank but it did not happen. Okay it did happen; Graham slipped out of his class’s top ten, but he remained in the top fifteen, so there was nothing alarming in the slight decline. He eventually made it to Maseno School. He is currently in form one, and his education is being sponsored by some wealthy family trust that Grace found only-God-knows-where.

Ian knows that talking to Arnold will yield nothing. Just like Graham, he must have been sworn to secrecy. But Ian doesn’t need to talk to Arnold to know that Grace is having sex with him.  What he needs is proof. He decides to challenge Grace directly, knowing that if he shocks her with what he knows, he can get her to confess. He will record her and get her and get her arrested. If she doesn’t want to date him, then she should get another adult man. She should not be taking advantage of kids. He puts his phone on record mode and enters her office without knocking. He finds her on the couch, which in real sense is a sofa bed, barefoot and with her hair messed up. Her eyes are closed, but they snap open as the door swings open.

“Did you enjoy it?” Ian asks.

“What are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you just had sex with Arnold? Look at you; you have not even cleaned up.”

“If you have nothing useful to say, just get out of my office Ian.”

“I am leaving. But the world will know what you have been up to with Arnold and Graham.”

At the mention of Graham’s name, Grace’s  face registers alarm.

“Have you been stalking me Ian?”

“Yes I have. And I have enough evidence to put you behind bars.”

“I could scream right now and accuse you raping me.”

“And I will tell them to get semen off you and match it with both me and that boy Arnold. Remember, you have not cleaned up yet.”

“You will not expose me, Ian; that much I can assure you.”

“And what will you…”

Ian stops midsentence because Grace walks to her desk and pulls out a pistol from a drawer.

“Give me your phone,” she orders.

Ian surrenders his phone.

“We are in your office, Grace. If you shoot me here you will spend the rest of your life on death row at Lang’ata Women. That is worse than getting convicted of defiling a minor.”

“I will kill you alright, but I am not going to jail. That is because my friends will come here soon enough to clean up, so that it will appear like we have been attacked right here in this office, where, by the way, we are discussing school matters. You will die, but I will survive with minor injuries.”

She corks her gun, and points it at Ian’s forehead.

“And just so you know,” she says arrogantly. “The thing in the on the muzzle of the gun is called a silencer. So nobody will hear a thing.”

(Continued Here)

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