Potiphar’s Wife III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Potiphar’s Wife II)

The Bishop takes Nancy’s phone and reads the story silently while she stands a respectful distance away.

 “Do you think they will come tonight, Bishop?”

“I don’t know Nancy, let us wait and see what happens.”

As if on cue, the sound of sirens is heard from a distance. Nancy and the Bishop look at each other. They quickly leave the room and head towards the gate. They arrive at the parking lot just as the police cars are parking.

“Good evening officer, are we in trouble?”

“Good evening Bishop. As far as I can tell, only your wife is in big trouble,”

“Why? What has she done?”

The Bishop asks the question so innocently that Nancy has to stifle a giggle. If she wasn’t the one who gave him the story to read, she would have believed that he had no clue on what was going on.

“Well, allegations have been made that she is involved in gold smuggling alongside your friend Mwangoye who we are also informed is staying with you. I hope you have nothing to do with all this Bishop,” the cop says pointedly.

“I am hearing all this from you, officer,”

“I am glad to hear that Bishop. I have always seen you as one of the few sincere clergymen. Here comes the person we are looking for,”

“What is going on here?” Dorothy asks.

“Mrs. Nkanata, you are under arrest for gold smuggling as well as money laundering. You have the right to remain silent as anything you say can be used against you in a court of law,” the cop says officiously.

“What? There is a mistake somewhere. Sweetheart, please do something,”

“I can’t help you resist arrest. Cooperate with these officers. Let us go with them to the station and once there we will see if we can get you out on bail,”

“Where is Mwangoye?” the officer asks as his lieutenants load Dorothy into the waiting police car.

“This way,” the bishop replies, leading them to the guest wing.

They find Mwangoye in the company of an Asian woman. The police superintendent smiles.

“Today must be Christmas Day. We finally meet again, Miss Kumar. Trust me this time you will slip from my custody,”

“Miss Kumar here is an accomplished smuggler. We arrested her two years ago but she was granted bail by the court. She paid and skipped town and we haven’t been able to re-arrest her. Until now,” the officer explains to the Bishop and Nancy.

He leads the arrests and they pile into their vehicles and head back to the police station.


Peter watches the drama unfolding from his apartment window. Immediately he saw the police cars, he suspected that his boss is in trouble. He always suspected that Mwangoye was involved in shady deals. Mwangoye has never involved him in any deal that was not above board. He is the face of Mwangoye’s legitimate business.

But every now and then Mwangoye gives him off days and goes off on a business trip with the senior most of his goons, Gerald. On other days Gerald operates from the fringes of Mwangoye’s businesses.

Peter is not surprised, therefore, when Mwangoye walks across the lawn to the parking lot in handcuffs. But he is surprised to see an Asian woman with him. At first, he wonders how the woman got into the compound-he is sure she is Mwangoye’s woman-but then it hits him. Somehow Dorothy has been working with Mwangoye on some illegal deal: that could be the only reason they are arrested together. If that is the case, it wouldn’t have been difficult for her to smuggle Mwangoye’s woman into the compound. She is the boss lady in the compound after all.

Peter quickly puts on his jeans trousers and a T-shirt, grabs his gun and rushes down the stairs. He jumps into Mwangoye’s Range Rover and drives behind the Bishop, who is behind the last of the police cars.


Nancy settles into the co-driver’s seat while the Bishop drives.

“You are a good woman Nancy,” he says.

“Thank you, Bishop,”

“You are so much like my late wife Esther. I think it is time for you to take her place,”

“I don’t understand, Bishop,”

“When do you intend to get married?”

“That is really not up to me,”

“Mmmh,” the Bishop grunts.

They ride in silence for a while.

“I am an old man now. I think I need to hand over the church to a younger person. I think your fiancée is the most suitable person to replace me,”

“He is happy enough as the youth pastor, Bishop. Besides, you are the face of the church. If you leave suddenly especially after this drama, you might undo what you have built for over the years,”

“I will not leave suddenly. I will remain as the Bishop…but without administrative powers. I will make Michael the Senior Pastor. I will probably involve myself more in the charity work and let you and Michael run the church. In fact, call him up and put him on speaker right now,”

“Hi sweetheart, I was just about to call you,” a deep voice says over the phone.

“Babe, you are on speaker. I am with your father in a car, heading to the police station. Your step-mother has been arrested,”

“That is why I wanted to call. So you have seen them as well. She is so shameless,”

“Hi son,” the Bishop says calmly.

“Hi, dad. I am so sorry that your wife embarrassed you like this. But I am curious, why has she been arrested? Having your nude pictures around the net might be embarrassing but it is not a crime,”

“What are you talking about Michael?”

“You have not seen them? Nude photos of Dorothy and a younger man are all over the web.”

“Wait a second, I will call you back,” Nancy cuts in.

Nancy hangs up and googles “Dorothy Mwangoye”. Tens of blogs have headlines promising raunchy images of the Reverend. Nancy clicks on one of them and almost chokes on her own saliva.

 “What is it, Nancy? Put the phone where I can see the photos. If my wife has decided to humiliate me, I might as well see…”

Just then there is a loud explosion and the sound of heavy gunfire. The Bishop hits the brakes as bullets start flying around.


Peter hits brakes almost at the same time as the Bishop. His first instinct is to protect his boss, even though he is now under police custody. He jumps out of the Range Rover and dashes to the police car that is ferrying Mwangoye.

He ducks bullets and shoots blindly to cover himself.

Just as he reaches for the door of the middle police car, a bullet hits him on the back of his head and he collapses.


The gunfight lasts for five intense minutes. When all is quiet, four police officers cautiously rise from cover. Two of their colleagues, including the Superintendent, are dead. One of the living four is wounded, but it is not serious.

A young man, who they saw at the Bishop’s compound jumping onto the driver’s seat of a Range Rover, is dead.

The Bishop has a bullet wound on his chest and is bleeding profusely. Nancy is surprisingly not hurt and crying at the Bishop’s side. One of the cops calls an ambulance.

Nobody has seen the face of any of the attackers. They have laid a perfect ambush, catching the policemen by complete surprise. This was meant to be a high profile arrest with little resistance.

Tellingly, Dorothy, Mwangoye, and Kumar have vanished into the thin air.

(Continued at Potiphar’s Wife IV).

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