Papa Sucrae IV-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Papa Sucrae III)

Wayne slowly remembers what transpired the previous evening. He remembers calling Janet and getting drunk with her. After that his memory becomes hazy. But since Janet is not here with him, then it is safe to assume that she is the one who robbed him. She had help, of course, because carrying everything in this house required at least four large lorries. Over the years, Nancy had filled the house with all manner of fancy stuff, from expensive leather seats to electronics. But perhaps what would pain her most if she were here would be the kitchen gadgets. Nancy loved to cook, and she really loved her gadgets. She was almost always quarrelling with her son and daughter (and when they were younger, with house managers) over what she perceived to be improper use of her kitchen gadgets. But they are gone now, and they will most likely be sold on the cheap by the thieves to people who don’t know how to use them and who probably don’t care.

Wayne is trying to think about his situation, but his thoughts are fragmented because of the splitting headache that no doubt is as a result of hangover. He knows that there are things that he needs to do first. The loss of his items is unfortunate, but it is not devastating. He has more than enough money in his bank accounts to replace everything. But before he can do that, he needs to get out of the house and run some errands. He needs to go to the police station to report the theft; he needs to go to Safaricom to report the loss of his phone and to get his sim card replaced. He needs to go to the bank to block his ATM cards.

Getting out of the house will be a challenge, however. The only thing that he is wearing is a boxer. He doesn’t even have a vest. His body is in shape, and if he were a model he would proudly flaunt it. But he is not a model; he is a respected businessman and a church deacon. Besides, this house stands in a conservative village in Ruiru. It doesn’t help matters that it is already day time, and people are already moving about their business. If he steps out of the house the way he is, everyone will think he has run mad. And God forbid that someone takes a video. He will be humiliated across the world over the internet.

But what are his options? He doesn’t have his phone, so he cannot call anyone to anyone to come and help him. He probably should sit in the house until evening. But that will drive him insane. Sitting in an empty house without internet, without his phone, without his books and without even music to listen to or television to watch will drive him crazy. He doesn’t have food, and he doesn’t have clothes. He is sitting on the cold tiles with only his boxers on. He doesn’t even have painkillers that he can take to ease his hangover. Worst of all, he has no concept of time. He doesn’t have a wrist watch, a clock or a phone, so he has no way of telling what time it is. If he decides to wait, he will have to wait blindly for darkness to come.

He waits for a while-he has no idea how long-and then he gives up. He has to get out of this prison somehow. He walks downstairs and ventures outside. Fortunately as he gets outside the house, he sees the lady who comes to clean come in through the gate. She is going to be his saving grace. He calls out to her, but when she sees him naked, she turns around and flees. If his situation wasn’t so desperate, he would have laughed at her reaction. But right now he is in no mood to laugh.

By the time he approaches the gate, he has already formulated a plan in his head.  The road outside his house is a busy one. There are many motorcycles and pedestrians who use the road to reach the many homes in the area. The Ruiru area has grown, with many people buying plots and building residential homes.  Wayne’s two acre farm is the largest in the area. All his neighbors subdivided their lands into small plots and sold then to the swarm of settlers who have invaded the area in the past decade. Wayne’s father bought the land decades ago when nobody was interested in the area, and he gifted it to his son when Wayne announced that he was getting married. Over the years, and as prices of land in the area skyrocketed, Wayne has resisted the urge to sell. With his businesses doing well, he has not seen any reason to sell. He certainly isn’t desperate for money.

When Wayne steps out of the gate, there are no motorcycles, but there are many people walking both ways. He can feel the stares, but he decides to ignore them. He stands at the gate stoically and waits. His plan is to flag down the first motorcycle that comes and to tell the rider that he has been robbed, and that he needs something to wear. Hopefully the rider will agree to lend him a trouser and a T-shirt. He only needs something to cover his nakedness so that he can go to the bank, get cash and buy decent clothes.

“Are you okay Deacon Wayne?” a female voice asks. Out of embarrassment, Wayne wants to ignore her and continue staring at the road, but curiosity gets the better of him and he turns. The speaker is Angela, a woman from the neighborhood who attends the same church as he does. “Let’s get out of here. People are staring at you.”

Angela guides Wayne back into his compound and closes the gate. They walk along the driveway back to the house in silence. It is only when they get to the house that Angela speaks.

“What exactly is happening here Wayne? Where are Nancy and the kids?”

Wayne’s mind is racing. He cannot tell her the truth because it is too embarrassing. He already feels like kicking himself for trusting Janet. She is a college student that he hardly knew. He only met her about two months ago. Why did he bring her to his house?

“I don’t know either, Sister Angela. Last night, I had a disagreement with my wife over some money I had given her to build some rental houses in Juja. Because I am a busy man, I had told her to run the project. But yesterday I discovered that she was not doing the construction and that she had diverted the money to a secret account. When I asked her about it, she and the kids ganged up against me and started insulting me. I let the matter slide and we took dinner, then I excused myself and went to bed. I don’t know what happened because when I woke up in the morning I was like this. Nancy and the kids were gone and the house had been swept clean. I think they put something in my food because I did not hear a thing, and I woke up late and with a terrible headache.”

Angela’s mind is racing. This could be her lucky break in life. If she plays her cards right, then she can claim this man as hers, and she will no longer have to slave at that MPESA shop where she earns peanuts.

“I am so sorry Wayne. We need to report this to the police. I did not know Nancy can be this cruel.”

Angela hugs Wayne tightly. In spite of his hangover and his current predicament, Wayne can feel stirring in his private parts as she hugs his naked body. Her perfume alone is enough to intoxicate him. Perhaps this whole thing might turn out to be for his good. What he needs is a good, young woman like Angela to take care of him and his home. Bringing Janet here was a bad idea. But Angela is a decent church girl, and he knows her parents. She comes from a poor family and works at an MPESA shop, so she will be entirely dependent on him.

One of the things he resents about Nancy is that she did not really need his financial support to survive. When he refused to take care of bills, he wanted her to know how central he was to her existence. But instead of going to her knees to ask for financial help, she started footing all the bills without complaining. He was certain that her construction project would collapse without his help. And with a loan to pay and unable to move to the incomplete house, she would need him once again. But she surprised him by completing the house and he was forced to follow her to their new home.

Nancy’s independence really vexed his soul. That is part of the reason he prefers dating college girls as opposed to mature, financially stable women. Independent women approach relationships expecting to be treated like equals. But Wayne believes that a man should be a king in his own home. Since Angela is financially challenged, she will give him the same treatment college girls give him but without the drama that Janet and other college girls bring to relationships.

Another idea lights up Wayne’s mind. Of course he will go to the police, but instead of reporting Janet, he will report Nancy and her brats. This is his chance to cut her to size. He will feed the police with the same story that he has fed Angela. He knows he will have to oil a few hands to ensure that Nancy, Jeremy and Salome are not only arrested, but that they are also denied bail. It will give him immense satisfaction to see them in jail.

Pleased with his decision, he tilts Angela’s head and kisses her deeply. As he drowns himself in the delights of Angela’s mouth, he cannot help thinking that the Lord has brought his new wife to him at his hour of need, just as he provided a lamb for Abraham right before Abraham sacrificed his son. He is a miracle working God.

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