Married to a Gangster IV-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Married to a Gangster III)

The drive to the house is filled with tension. Donald and Melody are not talking to each other. Melody is furious at Donald for putting the children in harm’s way. She is also worried about the safety of the children. Her emotions are running wild within her. Donald is lost in his own thoughts. Ever since they received the call, he has said very little. But it is obvious that he knew who the caller was. Melody was not in the mood of fighting, so she did not ask who the caller was.

“I don’t think you should stay in the house. It is not safe,” he says, throwing a worried glance at her. He stops at the gate and hoots once.

“You should have said that before the children were kidnapped,” Melody shoots back as the guard opens the gate.

Donald rolls down the windows.

“Jacob, where did Sarah and the children go?”

“Aren’t you with them?”

“Of course not, Jacob. Why would I be asking if they were with me?”

“Your friend Mr. Dwayne came and told Sarah that he had been sent to pick them so that you could all go out together.”

“And she believed it?”

“Yes boss. Mr. Dwayne is your friend and he comes here often. She did not see any reason why he should lie.”

“And she did not see any reason to call?”

“She called madam but the phone was not answered.”

“Okay, thank you Jacob. Nobody else is allowed to enter this gate until I say so, okay?”

“Yes sir.”

Donald rolls the car into the compound and makes a U-turn near the front door of the house. He parks on the driveway and they get out and head to the house. Melody opens the door and they enter without talking to each other. Donald goes to his home office and returns after a few minutes wearing a heavy jacket. Melody suspects that the jacket has nothing to do with the cold, even though it is now getting dark, but has more to do with a concealed gun. Or perhaps she is overthinking. So much has happened today: she has been kidnapped, shot at, watched a man die, discovered that her husband is a criminal and had her children kidnapped. It is too much for one mind to handle.

“Just wait for me here. I will be back shortly,” Donald says as he approaches the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to get our babies. Just stay here and everything will be okay.”


Melody watches as her husband drives out of the compound. She wonders whether this is the last time she will see him. The men he is going up against have shown that they are not people to mess around with. They mean business. Melody wonders whether they are the same group of men who mistakenly killed their own, or whether there are in fact two groups of people. The men who had kidnapped her had indicated that there were others in the deal. That would mean that it is possible that it is the same group of men, but the group is split into at least two groups, each looking after its own interests. Were it not for the fact that it is her children’s lives on the line, she would have begged Donald not to confront the men. But Sarah and the children are somewhere out there, in the hands of monsters.

Melody absent mindedly empties her handbag on the bed and starts going through her items one by one. Her second phone is there. Her wallet is there…why is she even doing this? These were not petty thieves who would pinch a phone or steal a couple of thousands from her wallet. These men were talking about millions. But what about her documents? Her ID, ATM cards are all there…and so is something else. She notices a card she does not recognize. She flips it over.

Geoffrey Mwacha, Inspector of Police.

She does not remember taking the cop’s card, so he must have slipped it into her handbag. But why? She is about to toss it aside when another thought crosses her mind. Maybe she should inform him about the kidnapping of her children. He is a policeman after all, and it is possible that Donald will be killed by his fellow criminals. Maybe she should also talk to him about her suspicion of Donald being a criminal. She had rather have him arrested and jailed than killed by those thugs. She doesn’t want her kids to grow up fatherless.

She takes out her phone and dials the number.


At 29 years of age, Mwacha is considered a very eligible bachelor. Having started working at the age of 19, he has been financially stable enough to get married, but that has never been a serious consideration until five months ago. He has been in relationships, some of them serious, but he has had his heart broken so many times that he formed a protective wall around it.

He did not expect Shiru to last this long. He met her at a friend’s wedding and they got talking; just casual flirting. They did out for a couple of dates the week that followed, however. She actually suggested the dates, and he just went along because he liked her. But he paid whenever they went out. She initiated the first kiss, and it is after that kiss that he decided that he liked her enough to take charge of the relationship. He started intentionally taking her out, and then he officially asked her to be his girlfriend.

But she still took initiative.

The first time they made love, she orchestrated it; at least Geoffrey thinks she orchestrated it. They were in his house, watching a movie, when she started kissing him. He kissed her back. Before he knew what was happening, she had inserted her hand inside his sweatpants and started touching his private parts. Passion took over from there. That was the first time she spent a whole night in his house, and two weeks later she moved in.

Geoffrey is not complaining. He likes his current life. Well cooked meals, plenty of sex and plenty of conversations. His house has become a home, and he actually looks forward to going there. Before that, he would hang around the office way past hours, eat at a restaurant and then go to his cold, sparsely furnished house to sleep. Shiru has made him a proper man, and he plans to visit her people for introductions next month.

When she calls him and tells him not to be late because she is preparing special dinner for him, he smiles at the plain walls of his office.

“What are we celebrating?”

“We are celebrating you, my love. There is always reason to celebrate you.”

“You are exaggerating. We should be celebrating you. You make me so happy honey.”

Shiru laughs.

“Don’t be late then. I will serve dinner at exactly seven thirty pm.”

“Okay baby, I will be there.”

Geoffrey smiles as he puts his phone down. He cannot be late. He is already looking forward to that meal and the carnal activity that will surely follow.


“Hello Inspector, this is Melody Kirima. We spoke earlier.”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Kirima. I didn’t think you would call.”

“I probably wouldn’t have, but I desperately need help.”

“What can I do for you?”

“I don’t think we can speak about it on phone. Can you pass by my house?”

Geoffrey looks at his watch. 7.05 pm. If he takes an assignment now, he is going to be late for Shiru’s dinner. And he doesn’t want that. In spite of her many good qualities, Shiru has a legendry ability to sulk. She can pull a long face for hours or even days, depending on how seriously she thinks she has been wronged.

“Unfortunately I have another engagement I am rushing to Mrs. Kirima…”

“Just call me Melody. And it is okay, I understand. But can you at least pass by in the morning?”

“Sure, I will be there very early in the morning. What time do you want me to come?”

“I will call you when my husband leaves. I got the impression that he doesn’t like you too much. But I have to tell you this right now. My kids have been kidnapped. Donald has gone out and he says he will find them but I fear he might get killed. Can you please tell your officers to find Donald and the kids?”

“How were the children kidnapped?”

“According to our gateman, a friend of ours came and took them away, claiming that we had asked him to bring them to us. And a man called me when I was still at the hospital and told me that if I want to see them alive again, I should convince my husband to pay up immediately.”

“What is the name of your friend? The one who allegedly picked up the kids?”

“Dwayne Kimani. He is an accountant and lives in Banana with his wife Martha Wanjiru.”

“Thanks. I will send officers to his house immediately. Please text me Dwayne’s number and the number of the person who called you. I also want you to send your gateman to the station. He will find Corporal Sanya here. Tell him to give the corporal all the information he has. I assure you that our officers will start looking for your kids immediately.”

“Thank you Inspector. I don’t have the number of the caller though. It was a private number.”

“That is okay, Melody. I will do my best to get your children.”

“Thank you Inspector.”

“You are welcome, Melody. And please remember to lock the gate and all the doors when your gateman leaves. Corporal Sanya will return him to the gate, and I will call you to tell you to open the gate for him. Otherwise stay with the gate and all the doors locked.”


Rufus knows that he has Donald cornered. The man is now running around like a headless rabbit, and Rufus is in control. Donald is falling right into the trap. Rufus decides to make one more play.

“Jacob you told me that that Donald left the house?”

“Yes he did.”

“But his wife is in the house.”

“Yes she is.”

“I want you to go to that house and get me Donald’s computer and all the documents you will get in his home office. Adam will come by and collect them.”

“But Sir, how will I do that when the door to his home office is always locked and with his wife in the house? Sarah told me that Donald never leaves the door to his office unlocked, even when he is going to the shower.”

“You have been begging me for some action, haven’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you have a gun with you?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

The professor’s men gave him a gun when they recruited him and they taught him how to use it.

“Good. Consider this to be your first major assignment. Kill that woman, break the door of that office and cart away all the documents you can find. Do not forget his computers.”

“If I kill her I will be the first suspect sir. I am all alone with her.”

“They can suspect all they want but they cannot arrest you if they cannot find you. By the time they find her body you will be in in another country with another name. I have your passport, visa and air ticket ready. Just do as I say: kill the woman, get the documents and the computer and get out of there. Adam is coming in ten minutes to pick you and the documents up.”

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