Intrigues of the Orange Farm-By Edward Maroncha

 The brutal murder of a farm worker, Job, has exposed the criminal activities of the guards of the Macunkwa Orange Farm, locally known as the Estate. The Estate was established by white settlers and has always been run in a colonial manner, even after it was acquired by a black businessman after independence.

The current owner’s son, Kennedy, has been trying to reform the way the farm is operated, but that has put him on a collision course with his father, who has in the recent past preferred his daughter Rita, Kennedy’s sister, because of her willingness to continue doing things the way her father, grandfather and the white founders always did them.

Kennedy’s father is also uncomfortable with Kennedy’s girlfriend, Angela, an activist lawyer who has sued the farm several times over human rights abuses. But Kennedy and Angela are aligned in their vision of the ideal farm.

Things come to a head when Angela takes up Job’s case. As she fights for Job’s widow against the Estate, she is assisted by Kennedy, his secretary Frida, and Frida’s boyfriend William, who is a guard at the Estate.

But Kennedy’s father, Eliud, is not taking it lying down. He orders the killing of Angela, Frida’s parents and William’s parents. This, he believes, will tame his wayward son.

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