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Why God Makes Them Pretty vs Weak-By Blubird

So yesterday I got into a conversation with a friend and we ended up talking about the posts I make here. She mentioned she writes secretly, and I said I would like to see her pieces. This is one of them, which I think is a pretty good piece. She said she is pretty shy and wouldn’t want people to know she writes so she writes by the pseudonym Blubird. So today, we welcome our first guest writer, Lady Blubird.

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“Men are weak and women are so damn hot! And they keep getting hotter by the day, I mean, the beautiful ones are not yet born you see…” Blubird

So I have had this discussion over and over in my head and with my friends and sisters and whoever else that cared to listen…, studied the word to try and find out why men are visual/ weak and women are pretty? I mean why would God make them weak and us women the object of that ‘unholy’ weakness? And is it at all unholy?

The Garden of Eden has to be it right? It is where it is first recorded that man, Adam, was weak around his woman… but what I discovered recently [through talking a whole lot] is that Adam’s weakness had nothing to do with the physical. Adam hadn’t yet noticed that his wife was naked so um… did God then make men weak? I think there may be a manipulative nature in women. I am not sure how Adam ate that fruit but I know it had nothing to do with Eve’s body.

Then I went to the other men in the Bible (I am not a good Bible reader) to try and find physical weakness and I landed on David. David for me is probably the only actual visual man I have come across in the Bible plus his son who raped his sister… And I asked myself is this visual aspect of men something that is in-born or does the society give it as an excuse for characterless men?

Are we all visual? Both men and women? Do we all look and like or is it that because we feel men are incapable of character so they need to be excluded from this call to uphold self-control and INSTEAD [yes I wrote it with caps because I am about to say something to insanely sensible] we expect this self-control to be grown in women! Let your sister dress well when she’s meeting your guy? Let all women look decent because men’s brains are in capable of functioning with our thighs out there! And who reduced decency to the eyes of men? Who made self-control an art that men are excluded from? Have we stopped to ask whether God created in men this weakness and why not in build character over the weakness instead of looking around for the people that cause them willingly and unwillingly?

I therefore self-discovered that decency, I have probably said this here over and over, is NOT in the eyes of men. Having said this then, can we therefore in build character in our men, not to say visual men are characterless, but to say that as women we will not accept the old adage, [it is old] that men are visual. We will not excuse them when they totally zone out on us because someone who looks better than or just good walked in the building and they just had the urge to look, because we feel they are men.

God has called us to a holy life and I feel that visual is an excuse. We are grown in societies that found us innocent and because we keep on being here we have acquired these survival tactics and I feel one of them is being visual. I am writing this passionately not just for men to get over themselves and for women to stop excusing them but for me. For me because I have looked and really liked, in fact these days I tell my guys I feel visual too. I have stopped convos just to stare and smiled to myself when caught in the act. So for me this is a holy call too.

I don’t want no visual man, I do not look forward to telling my sisters how to dress because my man can’t take it. I also don’t look forward to coveting other peoples’ men. I feel that maybe, no, I feel there is need to in build character, no excuses on what is wrong and right. Righteousness is not looking at the sinful nature and saying it was meant to be, it is accepting that things are out of place and Christ has called them to order.

So weakness Vs women being pretty, I think men should get over themselves and women should not be forced to lessen their pretty.


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