Forbidden Love III-By Edward Maroncha

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(Continued from Forbidden Love II)

Patrick can literally feel his heart jumping out of his mouth. He should have known that is would happen. He suspected that this woman is married, and now that has been confirmed. He is going to die at the hands of her husband, who, going by his voice and footsteps, is a giant of a man. He (Patrick) and Regina cannot even deny what was happening between them. They were kissing on the couch, with Regina on top of Patrick. Patrick only has his boxers on, while Regina is naked except for her underwear and bra, the latter which Patrick was in the process of removing when they got caught.

Surprisingly, Regina does not look scared. She gets off Patrick and confronts the intruder.

“Collins, I told you that you cannot be coming to my house without notice.”

Patrick is now in a sitting position, and although he is cowering on the sofa, he is able to catch a glimpse of Collins. The man has left him confused. Patrick was expecting to see a middle-ahead man, perhaps in his late forties or early fifties. Instead, the man confronting Regina is a young man, probably the same age as him (Patrick). But that is as far as the comparison goes. The young man is tall and heavily built, not unlike Goliath the Philistine. Patrick certainly doesn’t feel like David; he certainly is not a man after God’s own heart. After all, hasn’t he been caught in the act of sin? God must be pretty upset with him.

“This is my father’s house.”

“It was your father’s house, Collins. But your father is dead. Besides, he was my husband, and he left me this house. And it is not like he built this house alone; we built it together. Now get out!”

“He must be turning in his grave, seeing his house being converted into a brothel. I always knew you are a prostitute. In fact, why don’t you give me some? I can pay.”

Regina flinches at the insult, but recovers quickly.

“Come and take it. As you can see, I am naked and all ready for you.”

“You think I won’t?” Collins asks, approaching her. “You were my father’s wife but you are not my mother, so I will gladly take up the offer.”

Patrick is very afraid for Regina. He wonders whether she expects him to stick his neck out for her; but he is not about to confront this monster. In fact he is wondering how he can escape. But then Regina surprises him. When Collins moves to grab her, she quickly steps away and kicks him in the groin, and then follows that with the rapid kicks and punches of a skilled karateka. Collins is clearly surprised, and he starts howling in pain.

When he rises from the floor, he is nose bleeding. Regina is now holding a pistol in her hand. Even Patrick did not see where it came from. She probably had hidden it under a cushion.

“Get out of my house Collins. You should now that I am not afraid of using this weapon.”

The beefy young man throws a contemptuous look at Regina. But he knows he is beaten. He slowly walks to the door and exits. Regina walks to the window and when she sees him exit the gate, she presses a switch which Patrick assumes is to lock the gate. Regina disappears into another room and when she returns, the gun is no longer in her hand.

“Are you sure you don’t want a glass of wine?” she asks Patrick.

“No madam, I am fine. I don’t take alcohol.”

“You don’t know what you are missing. Anyway, let’s go and take a shower. And by the way don’t call me madam again. Call me Regina, or babe.”

She leads him upstairs to a massive bedroom that has a king size bed. Regina opens a side door and returns with two white towels. She leads him to another side door and they end up in a large bathroom-it is larger than Patrick’s entire bedsitter. It is has a large bathtub, but there is also an overhead shower in a glass enclosure.  Regina puts both towels on hooks and then leads him to the shower. They start kissing again in the shower. How they end up on the soft bed, Patrick has no idea. He was too consumed by the desires of the flesh to care.


Patrick has mixed emotions when it is over. On the one hand, he cannot say that he has not enjoyed it. He has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But on the other hand, he cannot wish away twenty five years of Christian indoctrination. He expected this to happen in a hotel room, after a wedding.  Sex was supposed to put a seal on the vows he and his bride would have exchanged earlier in church. This, what has just happened between him and Regina, is a sin; and he is feeling guilty about it.

“Who was that guy Collins?” he asks Regina. They are still lying in bed, enjoying a post-coitus moment.

“He is my step-son. Ferdinand had him before we got married. He and his mother have been an absolute pain since Ferdinand died.”

“Ferdinand is your husband?”

“Was; he died four years ago in an accident. He had written a will in which he had indicated how his wealth would be distributed. Basically, he divided everything amongst his children: my two sons and Collins. He and I had discussed the question of death a long time ago, and agreed on how the distribution of property would be done in case the inevitable happened to either of us. Even my own will is ready. All I wanted from him was this house because I helped him to build it. But Ferdinand also gave me his two cars. Everything else, land, shares and money in the bank was shared equally amongst the three children.”

“So what was Collin’s beef?”

“He and his mother wanted my property to be shared out to them as well, arguing that Ferdinand helped me acquire it. Ferdinand had two cars, a Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Prado. Collins wanted his mother to get one of them.”

“One of them is the one that killed him, rigtht?”

“No, he died in a plane crash. He was flying to Nanyuki with a wealthy client on the client’s small plane and the plane crashed in someone’s farm.”

“I remember that story from the news. So that was your husband?”

“Yes. Anyway, Collins believed that his mother should have one car and I should have the other. Then they also wanted his mother to get the beach house that we have in Malindi, apparently because I got this house. But the beach house was mine. I got it as a gift from my father. They also wanted my company. But the company is mine. I am the majority shareholder and my children are the minority shareholders. I started that company with my own savings. In any case, Collin’s mother wasn’t Ferdinand’s wife, so she was not entitled to anything. That boy is a loser, just like his mother. I would have given them one of the cars because I honestly didn’t need three cars. But they decided to disrespect me so I decided that they would get nothing other than what Ferdinand gave Collins in his will.”

“What did you do with the cars?”

“I have my son Ryan the Mercedes. Then I sold the Prado and used the money to buy the vans I use at work. We use the Noah that Gerald drives to go to large events such as weddings where we need a large crew and equipment. We use the Probox that Edith drives for smaller events such as the luncheon they went to yesterday.”

“Your other son didn’t feel shortchanged when you gave Ryan the Mercedes?”

“Theo is in Canada and he has a car that he uses to get around there. Plus he is a BMW enthusiast and I promised to get him one when he graduates.”

“What was Ferdinand’s career?” Seeing that he is getting responses, Patrick is now asking questions freely.

“He was a lawyer. He was a partner Fermercar Law LLP, one of the mega-law firms in the city. When he died his partners paid his dues and I split it amongst the children, including Collins. Ferdinand died a wealthy man, but he had not always been successful. When he started dating Carol, Collin’s mother, they were both broke and in law school. Collins was born a year after they were admitted to the bar. But Carol started cheating on him with her boss, and so they broke up.

I met him about a year later. I was working at KPMG and he had just started his law firm, but it was struggling mightily. Several months later, when I discovered I was pregnant, we moved in together. We got married a year after Ryan was born. All that time I was footing all the bills. But with time his law firm picked up, and after ten years of success, he merged with two of his classmates, Mercy and Carson, who also had their own mid-table solo firms. They formed a mega-law firm and became even more successful than they were in their individual capacities.

During that time, I was also advancing in my career. Four years after I became a senior associate at KPMG, I accepted a position at Unilever as a regional manager. After that I had a short stint at the Ministry of Finance, as it was then called, before I called it quits to start Regina Events.”

“What about Carol?”

“She was used and dumped by her boss of course. These old men are not loyal. After she was fired by her boss and lover, she started a law firm but it has never picked. As a result, she is always struggling financially.”

“Ferdinand wasn’t helping her with Collins?”

“Oh he was. He took Collins to the same schools as Theo and Ryan, and he bought all the three of them the same kind of gifts, including clothes. But he refused to send Carol rent money or “food supplies”. He told her that if she was unable to bring up the boy she should surrender custody to him.”

“Back to Collins, how did he get in here?”

“You will not believe it, but before Ferdinand died, Collins was a model child. He even used to call me ‘mom’. So he had access to the house just like Ryan and Theo. I will change the locks tomorrow.”

“Where are Theo and Ryan now?”

“Theo is in Canada, studying. Ryan works at the Central Bank. He is an economist.”

Patrick is shocked. If Ryan is working, then it means they are the same age; or perhaps he (Ryan) is older. That means that the age gap between him and Regina is way more than fifteen years. Yet here he is, having sex with her.

“Enough about Collins and his mother, babe. Let’s just talk about us.”

Patrick wonders what the ‘us’ means, but he doesn’t ask.

“You know,” she continues. “I haven’t slept with a man since Ferdinand died. That is why tonight is such a special night for me.”

Patrick wonders whether he is expected to confess that tonight was his first ever sexual experience. He decided to keep quiet, but so as not to appear rude, he strokes her hair gently.

“Do you love me Patrick?”

“We just met today, Regina,” Patrick finds the courage to say. “I haven’t even had the time to sort out my feelings.”

“But you agreed to be my lover, which means you feel something for me, right?”

“Yes, I do,” Patrick replies, because he doesn’t know what else he should say.

“Oh Pat, you don’t know how glad I am to hear that. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Patrick says for lack of anything better to say, and instantly regrets it.

“Will you marry me?” Regina asks, and Patrick nearly faints.

(Continued Here)

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