Forbidden Love II-By Edward Maroncha

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(Continued from Forbidden Love I)

Patrick is finding it difficult to think. All is blood is concentrated in the groin area of his body, leaving his head without enough supply to ensure clarity of thought. His entire body is consumed by lustful desires. Having been brought up in a Christian home, he has never been held so closely by a woman. The kiss Regina has given him is the first one to land on his virgin lips. Regina cups her hands on his face.

“Please say yes,” she mumbles.

“Yes,” Patrick says without thinking about anything else other than his first sexual experience, which he knows will come very soon, perhaps even tonight.           Regina kisses him again, this time even more intensely than before and then breaks free.

“More of that tonight,” she mumbles as she walks back to her desk. “Let us calm down for a moment because I want to hold a staff meeting so that I can introduce you to the rest of the staff.”

She picks her phone and tells Purity to gather everyone in the boardroom.   Patrick stares at the wall. He doesn’t know how to behave around this woman after that moment that has passed between them.

“You are shy,” she says suddenly with a smile.

Patrick laughs awkwardly. It suddenly occurs to him that he has not finished his tea. He picks the cup and takes a sip.

“That is my cup, but that is fine. You are my babe now.”

Patrick is embarrassed and he quickly places the cup down and takes the other one, after mumbling a quick apology. But this second cup has a distinct feminine scent, a Regina scent, and when he looks at it closely he realises that it has her lipstick on it. He is now absolutely confused, even more so because            Regina is now laughing hysterically.

“That now is my cup. I was toying with you earlier,” she says. “I am sorry. I just wanted to distract you so that your manhood can go back to ordinary size. I want you to be presentable in the meeting. Come on, let’s go.”

The directness of this woman is embarrassing; Patrick does not know what to say in reply, so he rises to follow her. He abandons the tea altogether. Regina leads the way to one of the cubicles on the corridor. The room is not as small as he had thought; it is a relatively large room and Patrick realises his mistake. He saw the number of doors on the tiny corridor and he assumed that each was leading to a small office. But this room opens to two doors on the corridor

The room is packed with people seated around a large conference table. It seems everybody is in the room, and suddenly Patrick finds himself wondering how many hours he will be expected to put in every day. It is now almost 7pm, and it doesn’t look like these people are leaving. Murmuring stops when Regina gets into the room. There are two vacant seats, and Regina takes one and tells Patrick to take the other.

“Good evening guys,” Regina greets them warmly.

“Good evening,” they reply.

“I will not take much of your time because I know you all have lots of work to do. But perhaps we can do a quick recap of the day today. We had two events today, right?”

“Yes we did,” the man seated to Regina’s right replies. “I was the MC in Freddie’s wedding. I went with Nathan, Chris, Rita, Elosy, Judy and of course Gerald. It went well. We finished at about 5.30 PM.”

“They did not have an evening party?”

“No,” one of the women, whose name Patrick later learns is Judy, responds.

“If I recall correctly the other event was an office party.”

“Yes,” Purity replies. “Northern Data Limited had a luncheon today. I was the MC. I went with Mark, Hosea and Edith. The luncheon ended at 3PM.”

“Fantastic. Keep up the good work guys. The reason I called you here today is because I want to introduce the newest member of our team. Meet Patrick. Patrick is a communications graduate from Maasai Mara University. He will be joining our team as an MC and he will also be taking over social media duties from Purity. But he does not have a lot of experience in the kind of work we do, so you guys will show him around. Purity, I will give you the task of mentoring him. Go with him to the next events you have in the month, and let him be your co-host. After he gets his confidence we can let him host events on his own. Show him what you do on social media as well, before you allow him to take charge. But all this will happen on Monday.”

“Okay Regina,” Purity says. “I will do exactly that.”

“Great. Patrick, this is the team that I work with. This man on my right is called Bosco. He is an excellent MC, but he is also our accountant. He is a CPA 5 and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, as well as completing CPA section 6. He is also a part time comedian and most of the time you will find him goofing around the office. Sometimes I wonder how he became accountant.”

Everybody, including Bosco, laughs at the last comment.

“He is a hype-man so he mostly does weddings,” Regina continues. “Next to him is Nathan, the head of our photography department. He is a videographer but he leads the whole team of videographers and photographers. He is a Political Science graduate. Next to him are Rita, Chris and Elosy, in that order. All of them are photographers. Rita has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Chris has a Bachelor of Education degree, and Elosy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Next to Elosy is Gerald, one of our two drivers. Gerald is also a photographer and videographer so he lends a hand wherever Nathan needs him. You might not believe this but he has a diploma in  Food & Beverage Production, Sales & Service Management from NIBS. Dude can actually cook. Once in a while he makes us lunch.”

“He should make us dinner tonight,” Nathan says, and everyone giggles.

“Next Gerald is Daniella, whom you have met. She has a diploma is Secretarial Studies from Jodan College. Next Daniella is of course Purity; she also has a diploma in Secretarial Studies but she got hers from the East Africa Institute of Certified Studies. As I told you, Purity doubles up as my secretary and an MC. Because Bosco mostly does weddings, Purity does mostly corporate events. We will figure out soon enough where you fit best in their team.

Next is Judy, one of our events planners; the other events planner is seated next to her. His name is Hosea. Judy has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and she is my Deputy CEO. Hosea is a lawyer but he found his passion in events. Then we have Mark, another photographer. Mark joined us straight from high school. He says he has found his passion but I have been encouraging him to get a degree because papers are good. Finally we have Edith, our second driver. She also joined us straight from high school a year ago. Just like Gerald, she doubles up as a photographer and videographer. Most of the people in the photography department tend to specialize in either photos or videos, but our drivers do both.

We have two members of the team who are not here. We have a videographer called Frank who is on leave and we have Margaret, the lady who keeps the office clean and who prepares our meals. She leaves at around 5PM. These are all good people, and I am sure you will fit right in. That’s it guys, we can go back to work, or home or wherever it is you want to go after work. In other words, the meeting is over.”

There are a few chuckles, and everyone stands up and starts leaving. Some come and shake Patrick’s hand and welcome him to the company but eventually everyone leaves.

“Let’s go grab something to eat before we head home,” Regina tells him. “Wait for me at the reception.”

Patrick chats awkwardly with Daniella at the reception as he waits for Regina, who mercifully doesn’t take long. She drives to the Sankara Hotel, and that is where they take their dinner. They mostly talk about Patrick, with Regina asking the questions and Patrick answering them. He has a lot of questions about Regina, but he doesn’t have the guts to ask them.


Regina lives in a one-story house in Banana. She parks the car in front of the house and leads Patrick in. The interior of her house looks like an extension of her office, with white leather sofas, white velvet curtains, white carpet…there is even a white cat that welcomes them to the house. She seems to be obsessed with white.

“This is Rudy,” Regina introduces the cat, and Patrick doesn’t know whether he is supposed to exchange pleasantries with the furry being. “Do you want some wine?”

“No, I am fine.”

“Come on, don’t be shy,” she says coyly. She throws her handbag on the sofa and approaches him. “Just relax baby.”

She wraps her hands around her neck and kisses him lightly on the lips.

“I love you so much,” she mumbles. She removes his coat and loosens his tie. Then she unbuttons his shirts and removes it, and starts stroking his naked chest. He does not have a vest. Patrick starts thinking about the Biblical story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. He knows he should push her away and run. But run where? Besides, he desperately needs the job. And it is not like she is ugly. She is an older woman but she is actually lovely and has maintained her body well…

She releases him for an instant and quickly removes her dress, and then unbuckles his belt and lowers his trousers. She attacks him fiercely with kisses and pushes him to the sofa where they continue kissing passionately.

Suddenly heavy steps can be heard coming down the stairs and a thunderous voice cracks into the room.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

(Continued Here)


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