Deceitful Sons of Adam III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Deceitful sons of Adam II)

“Joyce, how could you do this to me?” Ibrahim asks, stepping inside the room. His eyes are teary, and I genuinely feel like the most horrible person that ever existed. I know I wouldn’t willingly go kissing a stranger like Brian alleges I did, yet here I am, naked in his bed.

“I don’t know how all this happened babe, please believe me. I can’t remember anything beyond the time we were cutting the cake.”

“How convenient! I catch you in bed with my cousin and all you can say is that you don’t remember? What do you take me for- a four year old boy?”

He is crying freely now, and I can see that he is genuinely in anguish. He sits on the edge of the bed and takes my hand in what would have been a tender gesture of love. But then he starts pulling out a beautiful ring from my middle finger; an engagement ring! I cannot remember him putting it there, but he obviously did. How can I not remember my own engagement? Having a ring on my finger means that at some point last night, Ibrahim proposed and I accepted. Then shortly afterwards I went to bed with his cousin.

I curl my finger to stop him from removing the ring.

“Please Ibrahim, don’t do this to me. We can talk about this and fix it.”

“I have nothing to talk about with you Joyce. Look at you, naked in another man’s bed yet you are saying you want to talk? You disgust me.”

He removes the ring so forcefully that I am surprised that it doesn’t tear my flesh. Then he rises and leaves the room. I start sobbing almost as soon as the door slams shut. Brian comes to comfort me but I push him away. After all, isn’t he the cause of all my problems? I push myself out of bed. My head is pounding, but I am determined to leave this place as soon as possible. I find my clothes on the floor and I quickly put them on.

I dress up without showering. I am not sure how I am going to get to Parklands, because I don’t even know where the Matatu stage is in this neighborhood, assuming there is one.

“You know I don’t know why you are mad at me yet you are the one who started all this,” Brian says quietly. “If you had indicated that you didn’t want to have sex with me, trust me I would not have touched you. But you actually had more desire than I did. I thought we were helping each other satisfy our needs.”

“I have a boyfriend, and he is your cousin.”

“Ibrahim is not my cousin. It is just that our parents were very close friends since we were kids, and Purity and I started calling his parents ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’. He did the same with our parents so soon we started calling each other ‘cousin’. That is all there is.”

“So you grew up together.”

“Yes we did. We grew up in Buruburu. We went to the same primary and secondary school. We even went to the same university, the University of Nairobi, but that is where we got separated because I went to the School of Medicine at KNH and he went to the School of Law in Parklands. But we have remained close friends over the years.”

“Why then would you have sex with your best friend’s fiancée?”

“You two are engaged?”

“Didn’t you see him removing a ring from my finger?”

“Yes I did. But I can swear that you did not have that ring yesterday. Besides, Ibrahim is engaged, so why would he get engaged to two women?”

“Ibrahim is engaged? To who?”

“To my sister Purity of course. Who else? They got engaged on Wednesday evening. Ibrahim wanted to propose over the weekend but since it was mum’s birthday, he decided to do it on Wednesday. They held a party at the Hilton.”

“Two parties in less than a week.”

“Purity is a party girl. But no one can blame her. She can afford it.”

“But he said I am his girlfriend in her presence. Why would she allow him to do that?”

“Ibrahim and Purity have been dating since we were in High School. But when we were in college they decided to make their relationship open. It was Purity’s idea actually.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that they would remain boyfriend and girlfriend but they would be free to sleep with other people. Purity had met a guy she wanted to sleep with, but she didn’t want to lose Ibrahim. Ibrahim sulked for a while but he got used to it. Over time, he also started finding women he could sleep with casually while still dating Purity, and he liked the arrangement.”

“So all this while he was lying to me.”

“How long have you been seeing each other?”

“Three years.”

“Three years or three months?”

“Three years. Why?”

“It is strange that Ibrahim has never mentioned you to me, yet he has been my best friend for years. I was always under the impression that he was only having short term flings.”

“How come you are best friends yet you don’t visit him even over the weekends? I have practically been living in his house every weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.”

“Saturday is the day he meets his casual girlfriends, and I made it clear that I didn’t want to meet any of them. Sunday is the day he goes to church, because unlike Purity and I, Ibrahim is still very religious. But we meet often, usually over weekdays. But it is not possible for you to have been living in his house, even over the weekends.”

“Why would I lie to you?”

“I don’t know, but Ibrahim lives with Purity. Unless he has another house somewhere, I don’t see how he could have let you into the house he shares with Purity.”

“Where do they live?”

“I can’t tell you that. In spite of everything, Purity is still my sister. She might be a bit crazy, but I think I still need to protect her.”

“You think I might harm her?”

“I don’t know you, so I don’t know what you are capable of.”

“I thought Ibrahim said Purity lives with her parents here. He even said he asked your parents for permission to host my birthday party here.”

“Your birthday party? Yesterday’s party was my mother’s birthday party. Purity insists that to honor our parents, we have to continue celebrating their birthdays even though they died two years ago in a road accident. So Ibrahim lied yesterday. The party was not yours, and he could not have spoken to my parents because they are dead. This used to be my parents’ house, but I inherited it after their death. Purity inherited other properties. She sold some of them and bought the house she and Ibrahim live in. What I don’t understand is, why did she allow Ibrahim to invite you to this party? Does she know who you are?”

“She does. I sent her a message on Friday night asking her to stop stealing my man.”

“Why would you do that? Have you been stalking my sister?”

“There is a fellowship Ibrahim and I attend on Friday evenings. So on Friday the leader of the fellowship announced that Ibrahim is getting married. I thought it was Ibrahim’s unique way of proposing to me, but then Purity joined him at the front. I felt so humiliated that I walked out and returned to the campus. That night I looked for Purity on Facebook and sent her the message. But then yesterday morning Ibrahim called and told me that Purity was his cousin and that she had joined him at the front because she was helping him unveil a surprise cake for me. That is also the time he told me about this party, which was supposed to be my birthday party.”

“That now makes sense. You have been played by pros, my friend.”

“What makes sense?”

“They brought you here, fed you alcohol until you got drunk, then encouraged you to flirt with me knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist you. Ibrahim at some point actually challenged me to take you to bed saying you would never allow yourself to be touched by a man besides himself. With the benefit of hindsight, I think he was playing reverse psychology on me. He wanted me to take the challenge and take you to bed so that he could accuse you of cheating and dump you. That explains why they showed up here so early in the morning. I am sure Ibrahim cannot think of such a plan; it must have been my sister’s idea.”

“But I didn’t take any alcohol.”

“I saw you taking glass after glass of champagne.”

“Ibrahim told me that it was non-alcoholic Chamdor.”

“You are so naïve; of course they lied to you. You drank lots of wine last night. That is why you have a hangover. Like I said, you have been played by pros. You cannot accuse him of dumping you unfairly because it is true that you cheated on him with me.”

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