Deceitful Sons of Adam II-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Deceitful Sons of Adam I)

I walk to Latema Road like a zombie. My mind is blank. I cannot remember boarding a matatu, or paying fare or alighting, but I somehow find myself in my room. Mary is still in the Christian Union service, and that gives me some privacy to cry. After some time I log onto Facebook. I need to find out who that woman is. I heard Brother Elijah call her Sister Purity Njeri, although I cannot remember what he was saying to or about her. I search for her Facebook profile, and my search hits eight profiles that go under that name. Only three are Akorino, though. I check all of them individually until I see the one whose profile picture matches the face that I saw at the fellowship.

Her bio says that she is ‘a Christian to the core’. According to the profile, she is from Nyeri and works at KCB. There isn’t any further information I can gather from the profile except numerous photos that are posted almost on a daily basis. There are some that she has posted with Ibrahim, often in restaurants having lunch or dinner. It appears that she has been the weekday wife, and I have been the weekend wife. Since I cannot see any photos taken in his house, or even hers, I conclude that they have not been intimate. That would explain how I could comfortably stay in his house the whole weekend without her knowing it. The poor girl was probably told that they should stay away from their houses so that they do not fall into sexual temptation.

On impulse, I decide to send her a message on Messenger.

‘Hi Purity? My name is Joyce. I have been Ibrahim’s girlfriend for almost three years now. You can ask anyone at the fellowship you attended yesterday about me. In fact, I think I have been his wife because I have been spending weekends in his house, doing general cleaning and having sex with him. I am not sure why I am saying all this, but I just want you to know that you have snatched my husband from me, and I am leaving this matter in the hands of God.’

After sending the message, I attach a few photos of me and Ibrahim. One of the photos I attach is a selfie that Ibrahim and I took in his house. In that photo, I am sitting on his lap, leaning against his chest with our faces touching. He is using one hand to take the selfie while the other is firmly planted on my breast. If that photo does not provoke Purity, then Jezebel has got nothing on her.

I switch off the light and curl in my bed to sleep. I don’t want Mary to come to the room and find me awake and crying.


I am woken up early in the morning by the ringing of my phone. I am disoriented for a few minutes before I realize where I am; I normally wake up in Lang’ata on Saturday mornings. I am still feeling groggy when I pick up the call.

“Happy birthday darling!” a familiar voice says. It is Ibrahim, and he called me darling!

“Good morning babe,” I reply. There are still so many cobwebs in my brain that I cannot think clearly.

“You sound sleepy, are you not awake yet?”

“It is still too early in the morning babe.”

“You always wake up early on Saturday mornings.”

“Yes I do, but I usually wake up to do general cleaning in your house. But I guess Purity will be doing that now, so I have nothing to do other than catch up with sleep.”

My mind is starting to focus now.

“Who is Purity?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Ibrahim. Didn’t you introduce her at the fellowship yesterday as the woman you want to marry?”

“Oh that Purity. Are you sure I introduced her as my fiancée or did you just make an assumption because she walked to the front after Elijah said I am getting married? Purity is my cousin. She was just helping me to prepare a surprise for you. I wanted to propose to you yesterday, and we had also prepared a surprise cake for your birthday. I wanted you to share the joy with brethren even though your birthday is today. Purity came forward to help me unveil the cake. But when Elijah called you, you were not there.”

I hate to admit it, but what the Son of Adam is saying is making sense. I know Ibrahim is from Othaya in Nyeri, and I saw on Facebook last night that Purity is from Nyeri. They could be related. And it is true that nobody actually introduced Purity as Ibrahim’s fiancée. I just saw her at the front and heard Brother Elijah congratulating Ibrahim for having a beautiful bride and I made my own conclusions. How wrong I was!

“Why didn’t you pick any of my calls last night? Or at least called back?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise, darling. I was afraid that if I answered your call I would spill the beans. You know I am unable to keep secrets from you. I hear your voice and I melt.”

The Son of Adam is in his element, charming as ever.

“What if I failed to turn up for the fellowship? Did you think about that?”

“I knew you would show up, darling. I know you just too well. That is why.”

Now I am starting to feel embarrassed. I regret the message I sent to Purity last night. Why didn’t I wait until today before sending the message? And did I need to send the message in the first place? No wonder our pastor says that we shouldn’t do anything in anger.

“Where can I find Purity?” I ask.


“I sent her an unpleasant message on Facebook last night. I need to apologize to her in person.”

“That is the other reason why I called you. I was planning to hold a birthday party for you today. Purity will be there, so you can talk to her.”

“The party will be in your house?”

“No, it will be in Purity’s parents’ house in Karen. They have more space there. I talked to my uncle and aunt, Purity’s parents, and they allowed me to hold the party there.”

“And Purity? Is she okay with the idea?”

“She is actually the one planning almost everything. It was meant to be a surprise, but after yesterday, she told me to call you just to make sure we are on the same page.”

Now I feel like an idiot. This girl is going out of her way to make my relationship work and I had the audacity to send her a weird message on Facebook. I don’t feel like facing her, but I know that if she is going to be my in-law, I will have to face her and apologize in person.


The party is attended mostly by Ibrahim’s relatives and a few friends from the fellowship. It is held outdoors, in the neatly manicured lawn in front of the house. As soon as I settle in, I find Purity and pull her aside.

“Hello Purity, I am so sorry for the message I sent you on Messenger last night. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“It is no big deal,” she says sweetly. “Ibra told me that you got things a bit mixed up, so I understand. You really must love him.”

“I do love him very much. He is my world.”

“Ibra is a nice guy. But I will give you some piece of advice: never allow anyone to be ‘your world’. It is too heavy a responsibility to place on anyone’s shoulders.”

Purity and I quickly become friends. She and Ibrahim lavish me with attention during the party, and they make sure that my glass does not run dry. There are plenty of soft drinks, but the drink of choice seems to be Chamdor, which I am assured is a fancy non-alcoholic grape juice. There is plenty of food and music too, and everyone is having a good time.


I am awoken by an insistent knock on the door. I try to open my eyes by a splitting headache discourages the effort. I become aware of a male body lying next to me, I assume it is Ibrahim. I also become aware, though the contact of skin, that we are both naked. But why is my head hurting so much? I cannot remember coming to bed. The last thing I remember is cutting the cake and Purity filling my glass with Chamdor.

“Bro,” a voice that I recognize as Purity’s calls out. “Wake up. Please help us find Joyce. We can’t find her in her room.”

Why are they looking for me? And who are ‘they’? If I am in bed with Ibrahim, why would anyone care? Ibrahim gets off the bed, and I hear him open the door.

“Oh my God! Brayo, what have you done?”

“Come on siz. I told you yesterday that this chic she wanted me. Last night she knocked at my door and when I opened she started kissing me hungrily. Who am I to turn down such a hot babe?”

“But you knew she is my girlfriend!” a voice I recognize as Ibrahim’s shouts. Out of confusion, I force my eyes open. It takes a minute for my eyes to adjust to the pain and the light. Purity and Ibrahim are standing just outside the door, fully dressed. The man standing just inside, naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist, is the man who was introduced as Purity’s brother Brian. He is smiling sheepishly at Ibrahim.

“Sorry bro, but if she was really your girlfriend she wouldn’t have shown up at my door. I guess she likes me more. She is mine now.”

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