Besieged by Vultures III-By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from Besieged by Vultures II)

The police officers allow Eva to lock her door before guiding her to the van. In her 57 years on planet earth, she has never had a brush with the law. And now she is going to spend the night in the cells because her own daughter is trying to kick her out of her house? As she is driven to Ganga Police Post, Eva is beyond anger or frustration. She is resigned to her fate.

The police men are however kind to her. The sergeant in charge of the police post is a local boy, and Eva actually taught him in primary school.

“We are sorry madam. They came here and made a report but we told them to get lost. I think they reached the OCS because I received an order from the station to arrest you.”

“It is okay son. It is not your fault.”

“We are under orders to take you to the police station, but we won’t. You will spend the night here so that we can ensure you are comfortable.”

“Please don’t get into trouble on my account.”

“It is no big deal. We’ll just say the van broke down and we couldn’t fix it because is night time. Have you eaten?”

“No, but I am not hungry.”

“It is okay. I will ask my wife to add you as she prepares supper. I will bring it to you my self.”

“Thank you son.”

“I will let you stay here until the cell is ready.”

The Sergeant had ordered the three women in the female cell, who had been arrested for brewing illicit brew, to clean up the cell. When they were done, he told them to go home. He did not want his teacher to share the cell with them.


A while later, the sergeant brings Eva a meal of rice and green grams, which she eats gratefully, realizing that she was hungry after all. He also brought her a mattress and a clean duvet.

“I will tell the officer at the reporting desk to be checking on you every one hour. If you need to use the washrooms during the night, he will let you use ours.”

“It is okay son. If I use the washroom now, I can hold till morning.”


As Eva is getting arrested, Janice, Farouk, Fredrick and Adriana are getting drunk at Miemba Bar at Ganga Market. Farouk had disappeared during the funeral, and they found him at the bar. Fredrick is the one who introduced them to the joint. For the last three days, Fredrick the beggar has become a celebrity in the market because of his loaded daughter. Every evening they have been lighting up the bar, buying beer for everyone. That has been the other constant source of fights between daughter and mother. Eva is a conservative Christian, and alcohol is an abomination to her. That her daughter would stagger home past midnight, dead drunk has been annoying her like nothing else.

Adriana has kept off alcohol for the past few days. Some would argue it is because she wanted to bury her husband first, but it is because she has been unwilling to enter Miemba bar. The local watering hole is a far cry from the Nairobi clubs she is used to. Even the crowds are far apart. The clubs Adriana is used to are frequented by loaded men and women, with uniformed attendants serving expensive liquor to the dignified ladies and gentlemen.

Miemba bar is frequented by the local villagers, mostly male, with “uncouth” behavior at least from Adriana’s point of view. She has been determined not to set her foot there, so every evening after the burial committee meetings she has been curling up on Eva’s sofa with her son, eating the food that Eva has been cooking and then retreating to what Eva told her had been Sam’s bedroom. That is the room where she and her son have been sleeping. Today though, she found herself in the market with Janice and Fredrick, after they fled Eva’s violence. She accompanied them to the police station and when they made their report, they told her that were headed to the club; she did not know where to go since she did not want to face Eva alone. She tried to convince Janice to take her to Eva’s house but Janice wasn’t buying the idea.

“Who exactly do you think you are Adriana?” Janice cursed her. “I am a doctor and not a social climber like you. Yet I am going to that club and interacting with those people. You think you are any better than these townsfolk just because my late brother collected you from the trash can and cleaned you up?”

Adriana wanted to curse back, but she knew she would lose, even though she had been a vulgar socialite before Sam took her in. She used to roam around clubs, looking for unsuspecting men to con, and if she was caught, or if someone saw through her game, her only defense was insults. But Janice is on a whole new level of vulgar. And then there is the violence. Janice is always waiting to explode, and even though she was easily clobbered by her mother earlier, Adriana doesn’t care to get into a fight. So she follows them to the club.

But her fears are soon confirmed. She soon realises that inside the club she has to get confrontational if she is to avoid being raped. The men in there are rowdy and openly flirt with her. Some more brazen ones touch her breasts and buttocks, and she realises that she has to curse, swear and invoke Janice’s name to make them back off. Janice is the beer-sponsor so no one wants to cross her. When Adriana finally has had enough, she pulls Janice aside and informs her that she is leaving.

“Where are you going to spend the night?” Janice asks. “Mother has been arrested so there is no one at home.”

“I thought the cops said they would not arrest her?”

“They are idiots, and their foolishness will see them posted to the border of Somalia very soon. I bribed the OCS and they were ordered to take her to the police station.”

“When did that happen? We left the police post and came straight here.”

“Have you ever heard of something called a mobile phone? You are actually dumber than I thought.”

“There is no need to insult me, Janice.”

“Then stop asking stupid questions.”

“Don’t you have a spare key?”

“Oh yes I do. It is in the car.”

“By the way Janice, if your mother is not at home, why don’t you buy booze and take it home?”

“Brilliant idea! I knew you had some brains somewhere. My brother couldn’t have been fooled by breasts and thighs alone.”

Adriana is stung by the insult but she remains silent as Janice hunts down Farouk. She finds him cuddling a bar tender. Janice beats up the bar tender as the men cheer, and then drags Farouk by the collar. She tells the bar owner that she wants a crate of beer to be delivered to her car, and he quickly obliges her. Under ordinary circumstances he would have roughed her up and thrown her out the moment she touched his employee, but he has no intention of upsetting the woman who has been making his thrive for the last three days.

“Are you going to leave me here alone?” Fredrick whines.

“Why don’t you come with us?”

“And face your crazy mother again?”

“She was arrested, daddy. This is your chance to claim your spot in your wife’s bed. When she is released, if she is released, she will find the man of the house in place.”

Fredrick is suddenly excited. He opens the front door of the car and sits there. Janice sits at the back with Adriana, while Farouk drives. Farouk turns up the radio and they blast away to Eva’s compound.


Janice wakes up at about eleven. She is disoriented and does not know where she is. The first thing that she notices is that she is naked, but the body covered under the sheets is not the bulky frame of Farouk. It is the thin frame of an older man.

Janice is stunned. It is obvious that she had sex with her own father, in her own mother’s bedroom. She cannot remember what happened. As she tries to get out of the bed, he stirs and wakes up.

“Where are you going baby? It is still too early,” he says. He doesn’t seem to be embarrassed of the fact that he is naked in bed with his own daughter.

“Dad did we…”

“Of course baby. You were wonderful, just like your mother was; perhaps even better. Can we do it again?” he asks stroking her naked body.

“Daddy no!” she whispers loudly. “You are my father!”

“But you offered yourself to me last night and you were so wonderful. I want to feel that excitement again. Please don’t deny me.”

“You are my father! We cannot do this!”

But Fredrick is not listening. He grabs her and pins her to the bed. The same man who what getting whipped by Eva yesterday is now surprisingly strong. Janice screams, but nobody comes to her rescue. Farouk is either passed out or he is busy with Adriana. Janice is reduced to a whimper has her own father forces himself into her.

(Continued Here).

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