A Wealthy Widow in Kangema II -By Edward Maroncha

(Continued from A Wealthy Widow in Kangema)

Raw fear grips Judith. She knows that he has realized she has read his messages. He takes his phone and opens messages. His face darkens even further.

“I have one message here which I haven’t read but the notification is not active. Which means the message has been read. Who gave you the authority to open my messages?”

Judith is too frightened to respond. Alex looks like the killer he is. His eyes are blazing. His face is contorted in cold fury. Before she even realizes what is happening, a slap across her face knocks lights out of her.

He grabs her by the neck and squeezes. She struggles as she starts to suffocate. She is sure she is going to die. But just then, there is a knock on the door. Alex releases her and pushes her to the nearest sofa. He walks to the door and opens it. It is the watchman.

“Excuse me, sir. Your visitor has parked on the second slot belonging to Apartment A6. Mrs. Wahome has come home and wants to use the slot.”

“Tell him to use my seco…”

 “It is okay. I am just leaving. Just wait for me so that you can guide me as I reverse,”

Judith has realized that this is her only chance to leave this place, and she has grabbed it. Before Alex or the watchman can say anything, she grabs her car keys and phone and rises from the sofa. She remembers she is wearing his T-shirt over her jeans but she doesn’t care. Within seconds she is at the door.

“You can give Martin the key to move the car to my second slot as we finish up our discussion,” Alex says with a smile, for the benefit of Martin.

“No, I have to dash. I am going to that meeting, remember? We will talk over the phone,”

She squeezes out of the door and gets out and goes down the stairs to the parking lot. She knows Alex will follow her, so she is praying that she will get enough head start. She jumps into the car and drives out, waving courteously at Mrs. Wahome. She throws one last glance at Alex’s apartment as she exits the compound and sees him hurrying down the stairs to the parking lot.

The shortest route to Murang’a is via Kileleshwa to Westlands and on to Thika Road. But Judith knows that that is the road Alex will follow. So she hits Ngong Road and then takes the bypass towards Kikuyu. From Kikuyu she drives towards Ndenderu then Ruaka. Her intention is to drive straight via the bypass to Ruiru then on to Murang’a.

But then she changes her mind. It is late at night, and the Kenol-Murang’a and the Murang’a-Kangema roads are deserted. What if Alex is waiting for her somewhere along the way?

So at the Kiambu Road Junction, she turns left and goes to Kiambu. She finds a newish hotel there and spends the night.


A call is what wakes her up. Alex. She decides not to pick it and watches until the call terminates. Alex calls twice more. Judith fears he may have found her. But it is unlikely he would come looking for her in Kiambu. Plus, if he had found her he would be knocking at her door. Bribing hotel staff? Piece of cake.

Finally, he gives up and sends a text.

“I will find you, woman. Wherever you think you are hiding I will find you. Do not even think about going to the police.”

Judith’s mind races. She knows this man might get her and kill her. If not today, soon. She knows he is resourceful enough to find her in the next few days. She has to make sure this devil and his woman do not get even an inch of her property. So she decides to trap him.

“You can kill me but you won’t get any of my properties.”

“I will end up with all of it after you meet your miserable death. That brat of yours will get nothing.”

She does not reply. She doesn’t know exactly what her game plan is. She has gotten him to admit that he wants her dead so that he can inherit her property. Then what? She could go to the police but what good will it do? She will be killed and they will be bribed and the investigation on her death will never be concluded.

She could get a lawyer. Yes, a good lawyer might help to some extent. But where does one get a trustworthy lawyer within hours? She should call Samuel. Maybe he can help. What she needs is a bold lawyer who will not be intimidated by Alex, but one honest enough not to be bought. Only Samuel would know such a person. It is now midnight. Is it too late to call?

She dials Samuel’s number, and his sleepy voice picks up.


“Hello, Pastor. I am in trouble. I need your help,” she says. Just hours ago she was sneering at his call because she was going to see her sweetheart, who is now seeking to kill her. The irony of life. She tells him everything, including the fact that she had planned to stay the night at Alex’s place. She only realizes afterwards that Samuel may be reluctant to help after discovering her romantic relations with the lawyer. But the pastor is gracious about it and consoles her. She finds herself crying on the phone.

“Are you safe now? Where are you?” Samuel asks.

“Yes, I am safe tonight. I am in a hotel,”

“Okay. I will pray for you then you will get some sleep. I know someone who will help. I will pick you tomorrow and we will attend to your problems,”

Samuel says a short prayer then hangs up after muttering more words of assurance. Judith stays awake for a while longer before exhaustion takes over and she falls into a disturbed sleep.


Samuel arrives at 8.30 am, just as she is taking breakfast. He left Kangema very early in the morning and she gave him directions to the hotel. No, he was not followed. It was dark when he left and a car tailing him would have been easy to spot.

They take breakfast together before leaving for Nairobi. They are meeting a lawyer called Julius at his office in Upper Hill. Samuel has been friends with Julius since their days at St. Paul’s. Julius studied theology while already practicing as a lawyer.

They are welcomed at the reception by a jovial lady who offers them a cup of tea as they wait for Julius. Samuel accepts on both their behalf. The receptionist leads them to a luxuriously furnished boardroom and serves them coffee and cookies. Julius’ office is not very large, but it is screaming wealth.

A short while later, a booming voice thunders in the corridor. Judith glances at Samuel who nods with a smile. Julius is a bear. He is over six foot tall with a heavily set frame and bulging belly. His deep voice can be heard in the city centre, Judith imagines. But he also has an engaging smile that puts one at ease immediately.

“Samuel my old friend!” he says with a bellow that passes for laughter.

He hugs the pastor then shakes Judith’s hand. Her hand disappears in his paw. After pleasantries, Samuel invites Judith to explain her predicament. Julius listens without a word. When she is done, Julius informs her that what she immediately needs is a will. She will also need to go to the police and file a formal report, for what it is worth. Then vigilantly wait for Alex to make a stupid move.

Some associate in Julius’ expansive firm drafts the will as the three talk over coffee. In the will, Judith leaves all her property to her daughter Veronica. She appoints Samuel as the executor and Veronica’s guardian. Julius and another of his associates act as the witnesses.

They go with Julius to Central Police Station and file a report on Alex’s threats to Judith’s life. The OCS seems to hold Julius in high regard, and that is comforting to Judith. They bid Julius goodbye and promise to call immediately if there are any developments. They drive together in Judith’s car. The pastor leaves his car at the parking lot in Julius’ office building. He will collect it later.


As they approach Judith’s gate, they immediately notice a heavy police presence. They stop at the gate and the police swarm around the car and immediately arrest Judith. She is whisked away to Kangema Police Station as Samuel follows behind.

Judith is quickly processed through to the cells and Samuel is forbidden from calling her. Nobody tells her, or Samuel, why she has been arrested. Desperately, Samuel calls Julius. He promises to come immediately. Nairobi suddenly feels like an eternity away.

Ten minutes later, Alex’s Range Rover rolls in. Samuel is suddenly alert. Alex walks to the front office and claims to be Judith’s lawyer. Samuel protests loudly, but the cops ignore him and allow him to see her. He is given a small office to use. The officer using it leaves.

When Judith is brought, her heart skips a beat when she sees him. She should have known he is behind this. He smiles at her wickedly.

“Hi Judith,” he says loudly, as the cop who has brought her exits. “Don’t worry, I will get you out of here soon.”

Then he leans forward and whispers in her ear.

“The game is over sweetheart. You will die in about half an hour as you are being transferred to Murang’a Police Station. You will be attempting to escape. And by the way, the police report says they found a kilogram of heroin, three guns and a round of ammunition in your house.”

After saying this, he leans back and gives her a wickedly satisfied smile.

(To be continued)

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